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What is CrossFit

Published on December 24, 2008, by in WOD.

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program. We have designed our program to elicit as broad and adaptational response as possible. CrossFit it not a specialized fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of the recognized fitness domains. They are Cardiovascular and Respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility  Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. 


The CrossFit Program was developed to enhance an individual’s competency at all physical tasks. Our athletes are trained to perform successfully at multiple diverse and randomized physical challenges. This fitness is demanded of military, police, firefighters, and many sports requiring total or complete physical prowess. CrossFit has proven effective in these arenas.

Aside from the breadth or totality of fitness the CrossFit Program seeks, our program is distinctive if not unique, in its focus on maximizing neuroendocrine response, developing power, cross-training with multiple modalities, constant training and practice with functional movements, and the development of successful diet strategies.

Our athletes are trained to bike, run, swim, and row at short, middle and long distances guaranteeing exposure and competency in each of the three main metabolic pathways.

We train our athletes in gymnastics from rudimentary to advanced movements garnering great capacity at controlling the body both dynamically and statistically while maximizing strength to weight ratio and flexibility. We also place a heavy emphasis on Olympic Weightlifting having seen this sports unique ability to develop an athlete’s explosive power, control of external objects, and mastery of critical motor recruitment patterns. And finally we encourage and assist our athletes to explore a variety of sports as a vehicle to express and apply their fitness.

In short we train our athletes to be good at everything, all the time, anytime.

“When others are miserable we thrive”.