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Wednesday 252

Published on February 25, 2009, by in WOD.

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Skills Day: Snatches

    Men: 45-75#

    Women: 35-55#

    Super Frogs: 35#

    Leap Frogs: 15#

    Tree Frogs: Broomsticks.

    Tadpoles: Broomsticks.

Dear Dan,

Here are the results from Grant's fitness test. He took the initial test at the beginning of the school year, and retook it last week. We joined Crossfit in mid November and Grant has only been going on average 2 times a week. Dead hang pull ups  went from 2 to 7. Mile run from 9:56 to 8:28. Holding chin above bar from 28 seconds to 46 seconds. Sit ups from 31 reps to 32 reps. 


Here is little Grant playing with the big boys. Great job Grant we are all very proud of you.


Yesterdays results