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Wednesday 246

Published on February 18, 2009, by in WOD.

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CrossFit: 500 row, 21-burpees or burpee box jumps, 400 run.

    Level 2: Three rounds, body armor for burpee box jumps, 24", and runs.

    Level – 1:  Three rounds, burpee box jumps, 18-24".

    Elements: Two rounds, burpees.

CrossFit Kids: Jump ropes, burpees, run.

    Super Frogs: Three rounds, 100, 21, 400.

    Leap Frogs: Three rounds, 100, 15, 200.

    Tree Frogs: Three rounds, 50, 15, stairs.

    Tadpoles: Two rounds, 25, 10, stairs. 

 What happens when you tear your pants during a workout, you borrow someone else's, hopefully they aren't two feet taller than you. Amanda in some borrowed trousers.


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