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Wednesday 049

Published on August 13, 2008, by in WOD.

CrossFit: Run 5k for time

CrossFit Kids: 

Buy in 2 X Burgener warm up, use pvc

Super Frogs: 21-15-9 of Overhead Squat/Sots Press, 25# and Push ups

Leap Frogs: 21-15-9 ofOverhead Squat/Sots Press, 15-20# and Push ups

Tree Frogs: 15-12-9 of Overhead Squat/Sots Press, 5-10# and Push ups

Tadpoles: 15-12-9 of Overhead Squat/Sots Press, pvc# and Push ups

Cash out:
Super Frogs and Leap Frogs:
10 Forward Rolls

Tree Frogs and Tadpoles:
5 Forward Rolls