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Tuesday 154

Published on November 18, 2008, by in WOD.

CrossFit: "Fran" Thrusters and pull-ups.

Level -1:21-15-9 for time, Men 95lbs, Women 65lbs.

Elements:Men 65lbs, Women 45lbs.

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs:21-15-9 for time, Boys 65lbs, Girls 45lbs.

Leap Frogs: 21-15-9 for time, Boys 45lbs, Girls 35lbs.

Tree Frogs:15-12-9, Boys 15lbs dumbbells, Girls 10lb dumbbells.

Tadpoles: 15-12-9 broomsticks.

Karma's Puppies, 6 boys and 2 girls. Liesl says anyone who can do a sub three minute Fran today can have one. JK