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Tuesday 138

Published on November 11, 2008, by in WOD.

Happy Veterans Day.

Every night while you sleep in your warm bed, brave men and women stand in the cold to make sure you are safe. To all you current and former warriors out there thank you for sacrifices and your steadfast dedication. Today we will honor you with a workout that is worthy of your service.

CrossFit:  "The Battlefield" – 5 rounds for time of: 15-dead lifts, 12-hang cleans, 9 front squats, 6-push presses and a 400 meter run. 

Level 2: Men 135 lbs, Women, 95lbs.  

Level-1: Men 95 lbs, Women 65 lbs.

Elements:Men 65lbs, 45lbs.

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs:Boys 55lbs, Girls 35lbs

Leap Frogs:Fours rounds: Boys 15lb dumbbells, girls 10lbs dumbbells.

Tree Frogs: Four rounds of stairs and Boys, 3lb dumbbells, girls 3lb dumbbells.  

Leap Frogs: three rounds of stairs and broomsticks.

Shad Schnieder, 75th Ranger Regiment, Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), Operation Iraqi Freedom.