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Tuesday 116

Published on October 21, 2008, by in WOD.

CrossFit: Filthy-Fifty wmvmov   

  • Level – 1 – for time: 50-24" Box jumps, 50-Jumping pul -ups, 50-30 lb Kettlebell swings, 50-Walking Lunges, 50- Knees to elbows, 50-45lb Push press's, 50-Back extensions, 50-20lb Wall ball shots, 50-Burpees, 50-Double unders. Women (25lb dbs for PP, 16lb med-ball).
  • Elements – 25 of each. (18" box, 20lb KB, 25lb DBs for PP, 12lb med-ball)

CrossFit Kids:

  • Super Frogs – Filthy Fifty (20lb KB, 25lb DB's for PP, 12lb med-ball)
  • Leap Frogs – Filthy Forty (15lb KB, 10lbs DB's for PP, 6lb med-ball)
  • Tree Frogs – 25 (10lb KB, 3-5 DB's for PP, 4lb med-ball)
  • Tadpoles – 15 (5lb KB, Broomstick, Soccerball)

CrossFit Kid in Action. Dominic Cerrillo #48 obliterating his defensive lineman. To date Dominic is averaging 3-pancake blocks per game. Note how big the running lanes is that the ball carrier has to run through. For those of you that know football Dominic plays Left Guard. I would say he graded 100% on this play.


Another great expample of what proper technique and strong legs do for you. Dominic is 5'5" and 110lbs. The d-lineman he was playing against was 5'8" and 120lbs. He had zero tackles. Great job Coach Conney,I'll send him back even stronger next year.