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Saturday 242

Published on February 14, 2009, by in WOD.

Monster Mash in the gym: "Fran smokes crack".

30-20-10 of Dumb-bell burpee thrusters, pull-ups, and a sled drag.

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CrossFit:  Monster mash in the gym: "Fran gets angry" – 30-20-10 of Dumb-bell burpee thrusters, pullups and a sled drag.

    Level – 1: Men 35 and 180lbs, Women 25 and 135lbs.

    Elements: Men 20lb med balls anb 135lbs, Women 16lb med balls and 90lbs.

CrossFit Kids:  Jumping Nancy – 21-15-9 of OH Squats and box jumps.

    Super Frogs: Boys 65lbs, Girls 35lbs, 30".

    Leap Frogs: 35lbs, 24".

    Tree Frogs: 15lbs, 18".

    Tadpoles:Broomsticks, 12".