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Saturday 039

Published on August 2, 2008, by in WOD.

"Monster Mash" in the park. "CrossFit Baseball" teams will compete against each other, each round per crossfitter is scored as a run, game lasts for 20 minutes. Teams will consist of kids and adults, men and women. Winners stay dry, losers are jumping in the lake.

Each base will be 100 meters apart. Workout begins at home plate. Crossfitter’s go to bat with first workout then crossfitter run’s to first, second, and third base, upon crossing home plate run will be scored for team. Home plate will be 10 box jumps, First base will be 10 walking lunges. Second base will be 10 pullups, Third base will be 10 burpees. Trainers will be at each base ensuring proper form and technique are used. Poor form and technique will cause participant to return to previos base after two strikes.

Box jumps: must reach full extension on top of box and come off box vertically.

Walking lunges: knee must touch ground.

Pullups: must be fully extended and have chin cross bar. Any style of pullup is acceptable.

Burpees: feet must come off ground and a clap at top must be conducted.