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Monday 250

Published on February 23, 2009, by in WOD.

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CrossFit: Manual Labor, end to end dumb-bell crawls and 200 meter farmers walk.

    Level -1:Three rounds, Men 50lbs, Women 35lbs.

    Elements:Two rounds, Men 35lbs, Women 15lbs.

CrossFit Kids: 15-Burpee broad jumps and 200 meter med ball carries.

    Super Frogs:Three rounds, 20lbs.

    Leap Frogs:Three rounds, 16lbs.

    Tree Frogs: Two rounds, 10lbs.

    Tadpoles:Two rounds, 4-6lbs, stairs.

Poetry in motion, dumb-bell burpee thruster's. The most enjoyable experience ever.