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Thursday 003

Published on June 26, 2008, by in WOD.


Today we begin our workout of the day (WOD). So as you are preparing for the fun to start lets practice your air squats. Your feet should be shoulder width apart pointed slightly outward. Remember too not bend but instead sink your hips, work on getting your bottom below your knees, yes its ok. While your sinking your hips keep your knees over our feet. Once we get to the bottom we want our weight on our heels and our toes relaxed. Pause at the bottom and try to find where your comfortable. Keep in mind 80% of the people on earth sit and rest in this position for hours at a time. Most of us have lost this innate ability because of a lack of usage. We have let our joint’s atrophy, so now we will begin activating those sleepy muscles and start getting our mobility back.

Now while you’re in your squat position try and lift your toes. If you cant read adjust your feet. You should have all the weight on your heels and your back should be straight. Keep your lungs full so we activate your lumbar arch and drive your heels into the ground and stand. Our goal is to activate the power within our hips. We have all learned to not lift with the back but most of us we try to hard to lift with our legs. We need to lift with our hips that is were our power and strength are. Your hips are your core and from this point on we will be involving them in everything. From men to women we all have a goal. Men want to be big and strong, and women want to be shapely and firm. The only way to achive both is to use our major muscle groups and apply some elbow grease. There is no machine or video tape that is going to be the solution. You want to be big and strong or firm and shapely, then stand by because its coming. Now do 5 sets of 10 air squats. Don’t go fast, just work on your form and timing. Tommorow we start!