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Wednesday 002

Published on June 26, 2008, by in WOD.


Welcome to Crossfit Bellevue, we have had an exciting week so far. Today we recieved the final drawings from JPC Architects and Pine Forrest Properties approved the plans. We are now set to begin construction or should I say destruction of the current layout. The gym is going to be huge with over 5000 sqft of workout space. Also I was granted a slot to attend the upcoming CrossFit Kids Certification. This is great news since we can now open both aspects of the gym simaltaniosly. As you can see from the picture the t-shirts and logo are finished.

Starting Saturday we will be having our first official CrossFit Bellevue workout. The workout will be the infamous Fight Gone Bad a twenty five minute test of your physical and mental ability. If your interested in attending send me an e-mail and ill send you directions. It will either be in Bellevue City Park or Bellevue Pacific Tower it all depends on mother nature. I hope to see all of you their.