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Friday 004

Published on June 27, 2008, by in WOD.

Dead Lifts


In this workout load the bar with at least your body weight or 50% or your max. Before you start conduct a thorough warm up at least 10 minutes of light stretching and joint flexion and extension. Start with a broomstick or a piece of PVC pipe, this is very important to get the feel and timing down. Begin the lift by placing your feet shoulder with apart and shins as close to the bar as possible. Having a wider stance will allow you to lift more weight at deadlift but it will do nothing for you when it comes to the Olympic lifts so let’s begin each of our standing movements with the same foot placement. Your hands should be thumb length from the outside of your thighs. Once again you can lift more if your hands are close and your feet wide but it will not help you in the long run. Work on a deep starting position, then slowly extend your legs until your hamstrings engage, Take a deep breath and work on keeping a good lumbar arch, look forward not up, lift with the back just until the bar clears the knees then push the hips forward sharply. At the top of the lift your hips should be just past your knees.

Once you feel comfortable add some weight such as increasing to the weight of the bar. Once again do 10 to 15 reps and slowly increase your weight until you feel as though it will give you a struggle to get your 5 reps. Form is critical, the deadlift is the basis of all essential movements. Being able to grasp a firm grip on the technique and timing will show immediate results. Keep your grip facing downward until you start to lose grip integrity, then and only then switch to an opposing grip. The reason being without a strong grip we can’t lift or pull as much as we are meant too. Wearing cheater straps will only take away from your overall grip strength.

At the conclusion of this workout make sure you start your log to keep track of your progress. You may be feeling frisky and want to do more but avoid it all costs. I have a special surprise in store for you tommorow and you will want to have your energy stores ready to go.