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Published on June 22, 2015, by in WOD.


Due to UNFORSEEN Staffing shortages EVENING Youth Classes are cancelled this week

CrossFit Bellevue – CrossFit

Over the next five weeks Mon-Fri we will be following a Strength Cycle that progresses each week leading into a Test Week. Sat and Sun classes will have a “Engine” portion before the WOD that takes place of the strength. This will consist of several test on the rower and running.

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Warm Up (No Measure)


CFBV Warmup

400m Run

25 Air Squats


Back Squat 5×5@75%

-12 GHDSU between sets-

Metcon (Time)

400m Run

32 C2B Pullups

32 Front Rack Lunges 135/95

200m Run

16 C2B Pullups

16 Front Rack Lunges 135/95

400m Run

Note: All Front Rack Lunges must be alternating legs and stepping forward.

Youth Athlete Strength

Warm-up: 20-dead-lifts, 15-sumo dead-lifts, 10-hang power snatch.

Advanced Strength: Dead-lifts use three rounds to build to 40% and then do 2-sets of 5-reps at 40%, 2-sets of 5-reps at 50%, 2-sets of 5-reps at 60% After each set do 5- pull-ups, 10-knees to elbows.

Work Capacity: 10-rounds of 1:00 min jump rope, 3-burpees rest :30 seconds

Accessory Strength: Six rounds of 10-bent rows, 10-straight bar bicep curls.

Middle School Strength: Five rounds of 5-light dead-lifts, 5-pull-ups, 10-knees to elbows.

Work Capacity: 10-rounds of 1:00 jump ropes, 3-burpees. rest :30

Elementary Strength: Five rounds of 5-KB Dead-lifts, 3-pull-ups, 10-sit-ups.

Work Capacity: EMOM 10-jump ropes, 3-burpees.


AMRAP in 20:00 of

7-KB Snatches 55b each arm

7-box jumps


10k run


Banded Shoulder Stretch

Banded Squat Hold

Hamstring Stretch