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Saturday 443

Published on September 5, 2009, by in WOD.


All, today we make history. The day has come upon us to vanquish the enemies of America and destroy those who would do us harm. Your mission will be to run across the 800 yard enemy beach with with all your gear and weapons.

Once you are across the beach you will have to assault an em-placed enemy 200 yards away. Your platoon will be divided into two squads, you must use the fire and movement technique to advance across the beach. At all times one of your squads must lay down a base of fire with the thrusters machine bells, 20-bullets minimum. During which time the other squad can advance using the cover and concealment of the Overhead Lunge, while keeping there Machine Bars dry.

After you have cleared the em-placed position you will then run back to safety along the 800 yard path that you have rendered safe. But beware the enemy may have set up an ambush that could force you to use the some burpee broad fire and movement technique if you show any weakness. 

Along the way you may have members get hit, it is important that we never leave a man behind for the enemy. If a teammate should go down it is up to you to bring him home safely. 

Once you return to base you will need to debrief the pull-up bar 25 times per team member. Good luck and be safe out there.  


800 meter team run, Four rounds of 20-thrusters / 20 OH Lunges, 800 meter run, 25-broad jump burpees, 25 meter buddy carry, 25-pullups.


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Friday 442

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CrossFit: Skills or make-up day. Double Unders.    

Game: Med ball relay races.

Strength: Bench press 5 x 5

Endurance: 1-mile, 90lb rucksack march.

Sometimes a picture says so much.


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Thursday 441

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Warm-up: 10' partner med ball tosses, see board for exp.

CrossFit: AMRAP in 20:00 of 5-pull-ups, 10 kb swings, 15 situps.

Level-1: Men 50lbs, Women 35lbs.    

Elements: Men 35lbs, Women 25lbs.

CrossFit Kids:

    Super Frogs: Boys 45lbs, Girls 35lbs.

    Leap Frogs: 25lbs.

    Tree Frogs: 15lbs

    Tadpoles: 5lbs.

Game: Suicide shuffle race.

Strength: 10 rope climbs, with vest, no feet.

Endurance: 5-mile run.

Happy Birthday Marcus!


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Wednesday 440

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Sign up now for introduction to CrossFit Boot Camp and get started on your road to Elite Fitness. Saturday, September 5th, at 8:00 am. info@crossfitbellevue.com  

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Warm-up: Handstand Holds, loose shoulder to activated shoulder.

CrossFit: Five rounds of 3-shoulder press, 5-push presses, 7-push jerks. WMV

    Level-1:  Men 65lbs, Women 45lbs. Correction 95 / 65

    Elements: Men 45lbs, Women 25lbs. Correction 65 / 45

CrossFit Kids:

    Super Frogs: Boys 55lbs, Girls 35lbs.

    Leap Frogs: 15lbs

    Tree Frogs: 5lbs DB's.

    Tadpoles: Broomsticks.

Game: Rope climb races

Strength: Weighted situps, 5 x 20

Endurance: 4-mile run.

I won't go back to school, I won't.


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Level – 2 Certification

Published on September 1, 2009, by in WOD.

Download The Level 2 Certification

The Level-2 CrossFit Certification

The Level-2 Certification is the highest certification within Crossfit that a coach can receive. The achievement of this credential certifies the coach was evaluated and tested on the subject matter described below, throughout which process they demonstrated exceptional proficiency in all aspects of coaching and training. The certification course has a 50% graduation rate, and is the proven standard for Crossfit coaching excellence.


The graduate has the ability to effectively articulate and instruct students on the mechanics of each fundamental crossfit movement. They have learned to focus on the primary points of performance of each movement while learning to avoid subtle / nuanced points. They have also mastered the use of the CrossFit progressions for teaching complex movements.


The graduate has learned to identify gross and subtle form faults and has mastered the ability to distinguish between good and bad anatomical movements.


The graduate has learned to use visual, verbal and tactile cues effectively and efficiently to correct anatomical movements.

Presence and Attitude

The graduate has shown the ability to speak loudly and clearly at all times. They are confident, respectful and project a commanding authority presence while remaining energetic, encouraging and fun. The graduate has proven the ability to motivate students while holding them to the highest technical standards possible. The graduates have learned to celebrate small accomplishments while continually striving for further excellence. The graduate shows awareness of, and responds to, the experience of the students and has the ability to teach to all levels of fitness. The graduate has shown the ability to engage students by using names, eye contact and conversation, and is invested in their success.

Managing a group

The graduate has proven the ability to organize all elements of a dynamic and fast paced class. They have proven the ability to maintain group / class cohesion and maintain the trainee’s interest. The graduates have also proven they have the ability to manage time under strict constraints and the ability to prioritize content and correct movements in an efficient manner.

DemonstrationThe graduate provides demonstrations upon initial instruction that are thorough, clear and concise. They further ensures there is consistency of verbal instruction and visual demonstration. The demonstration conducted by the graduate has proven to be of outstanding quality and has been held to the highest standards. The graduate has also shown the ability to point out his or her own mistakes on anatomical movements, and the ability to self correct.

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