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Tuesday 453

Published on September 15, 2009, by in WOD.

Warm-up: Stick drills, Deadlifts and High pulls.

CrossFit: 21-15-9 of Pull-ups and Sumo High Pull Deadlifts, 400 runs after each set.

    Level-1: Men 95lbs, Women 65lbs.

    Elements: Men 45lbs, Women 25lbs.

CrossFit Kids:

    Super Frogs: Boys 55lbs, Girls 35lbs.

    Leap Frogs: 35lbs

    Tree Frogs: 15lbs

    Tadpoles: 10lb KB's, stairs.

Game: Rope climb relays

Strength: Shoulder Press 5 x 5

Endurance: 25-mile bike ride


It's a funny thing – every time I workout at CFBV I feel myself getting stronger and working faster, but never put down a "great" time.  Then I go to the outside world without the beasts of CFBV and am amazed at the performance I can give.
Example – yesterday I went out on a hike that had me waking up at around 5AM and getting home at 11PM.  The hike itself was moderately strenuous, not terribly hard but pretty long.  Working on only a couple hours of sleep I didn't feel tired all day.  Anytime I felt my energy dipping, or my legs burning all it took was a little bit of food and I was ready for more!  By the end of the day everyone else was crashing hard and falling asleep on the drive back – I felt like I could've tackled another workout if I had to.
One of my friends gives me crap all the time about being so enthusiastic about CF and about eating paleo.  When we got to our destination at the top of a mountain pass out in the Olympics and sat down for lunch she jokingly suggested I "take a crossfit picture".  Sounded like a good idea, so I did!


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Monday 452

Published on September 14, 2009, by in WOD.

Warm-up: 100 meter high knee run, 100 heel to butt run, 100 backward run, 100 skipping run.

CrossFit: 40 meter sprints.

    Level-1: 20 sprints, :30 seconds rest.  

    Elements: 15 sprints

CrossFit Kids:

    Super Frogs: 20 sprints, :30 seconds rest

    Leap Frogs: 20 sprints

    Tree Frogs: 15 sprints, :45 seconds rest

    Tadpoles: 10 sprints, :45 seconds rest

Game: sprint race relay

Strength: 100 OH Lunges, 25lbs.

Endurance: rest



Sunday 451

Published on September 13, 2009, by in WOD.

Rest Day


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Saturday 450

Published on September 12, 2009, by in WOD.

The Viking Invasion

In times of war countries must invade and conquer theirneighbors to increase both wealth and resources. Today the warriors of CrossFit Bellevue will invade the land of the sheep's of Factorias. Squads of male and female barbarians will conduct a mission to enter the enemy castle, slay as many foes as possible and steal as much gold as they can carry home.

Your mission is to carry your team gear 200 meters to your boats. Then row your 4-person boat the 1000 meters to Factorias, be careful to keep your boat in cadence or the current will push you an extra 100 meters. Land and cross all 30 of the box jump obstacles that await you ashore.

 Next you must pull yourselves over all 25 of the pull-up walls. Here you will be without cover and concealment and you must move with a purpose and stay low to avoid getting shot by the Archers. The burpee broad jump fire and movement technique you learned in training has prepared you for this. The 25-short leaps you will do need to be done as a team in order to keep the enemy from outflanking you.

After you have made it to the protection of the wall and out of the range of the Archers, you need to enter the courtyard and do battle with the Republican Guards. You must take your spears and kill at least 50 guards each. You need to thruster the Dumbbell hammers into them to ensure you slay these evil men.

The guards have been slain, you are so close to the treasure, just 16 total rope climbs away. Some of your team can stand guard as you make the 16-climbs up to the tower.

Once you have entered the tower room, carry your bags of gold back to the boats which are 200 meters away and row the 1000 meters back to CrossFit Bellevue. Succeed and conquer, stay true to your mission and keep track of your team. A viking horde is only as fast as its slowest member. Leave no man behind!


200 meter farmers walk (35, 25), 1000 row, 30-24" box jumps, 25 pull-ups, 25 burpee broad jumps, 50-DB thrusters (35, 15+), 16-total rope climbs, 200 meter farmers walk (35, 25).

Points of Performance:

Teams must row in cadence, teams can be no more than 6-feet apart at all times, teams can assist each other at anytime during mission to complete obstacle. No assistance can be used to get across pull-up walls, use your imagination and assist your teammate. As always range of motion is critical to accomplish the mission.


Out of cadence row – add 100 meters

Team separation – 400 meter run and start exercises over.

Range of motion – 10 burpees for every infraction.

Cheating – Club banishment or 500 burpees your choice.

Poor sportsmanship – "FRAN"

BUD/S Class 194 – A long time a go, in a galaxy far, far away.

Class 194 

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Friday 449

Published on September 11, 2009, by in WOD.

Warm-up:Broomstick pass throughs and OH Squats.

CrossFit: 100 meter run, 1 rope climb, 5-OH Squats, 200-2-10, 400-4-10, 800-8-20

Level-1: Men 105lbs, Women 75lbs.

Elements:Men 45lbs, Women 15lbs.

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs:Boys 65lbs, Girls 45lbs.

Leap Frogs:35lbs.

Tree Frogs:15lbs.

Tadpoles: Broomsticks


Strength:3 sets of 5 DH weighted chin-ups.

Endurance: Rest


I took the day off, we were getting ready to go to an ultra-sound appointment. We were going to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. We drove to the appointment in complete silence. Each generation has a day that everyboby remembers.

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