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Saturday 457

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Tower Assault

Your assault team has been tasked with freeing students from the notorious Bellevitus Ghraib Prison. These students were on a hiking trip and forgot to actually look at there GPS. They crossed into the country of Bellevitus and were snatched up by the border guards. We have no diplomatic ties with Bellevitus and this so far all negotiations have failed. 

Your section is responsible for assaulting the three guard towers. Because the area is too dangerous to do a helicopter insert you will have to hump in with your kit. You will have to move fast as once you cross into enemy territory you will be detected. It takes the Quick Reaction Force :40 minutes to get to the prison. If you are not clear of the prison and on extract by that point your mission has failed. If you don't reach the extract one hour after the insertion then you will have a long-cold-swim home.

You will need to run 1-mile with your 45lbs of gear and rig your ropes for the assault. It will take two climbs for you to get all your gear to the top.

Once you reach the top of Tower One you will use your Machine Guns and your 20 rounds of Squat Clean and Jerk ammo to defeat your enemy. Ensure that the men on your team are using 95lbs guns and the women 65lbs. 

Next you will run the 400 meters to Tower two and do the two rope climbs. Since you used up your first magazine of ammo stitch the Power Snatch ammo. Once again it will take 20 rounds and the same weighted guns.

Once you have cleared Tower Two then your section is ready for Tower Three, the hardest of the three. This tower is once again 400 meters away and again will take you two rope climbs to reach the top. Once there your guns will be empty so you will have to go hand to hand and use your weapons to Thruster your enemies into submission. These men are large and it will take 20 thrusts apiece to eliminate them.

Finally the other sections have succeeded and the towers are clear. You will need to get your kit, any wounded and the students the 1-mile back to the extract point. Move fast as you only have one hour for your team to complete this mission.

Exercises: 1-mile (45lbs), Two rope climbs, 20 Squat Clean & Jerks (95m & 65w), 400 meter run, two rope climbs, 20-Power Snatches (95m & 65w), 400 meter run, 2-rope climbs, 20-thrusters (95m & 65w), 1-mile run (45lbs).

Mission critical data:  You need to be on extract in less than :40 minutes and your mission has to be completed in less than one hour. All movements need to show proper range of motion.

Penalties: Cold water immersion conditioning.

Rob a (12) 

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Sunday 458

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Rest Day

Thanks guys, it was the best birthday I have had in a long time!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday 456

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CrossFit: Skills or make-up day. Handstand pushups.

Game: Forward role relay race.

Strength: 25-weighted pull-ups

Endurance: 2-mile swim

A face only a mother could love.


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Men: 1) Matt 3:58, 2) Eric N. 5:05, 3) Shad 5:30, Jon L. 5:35, Steve 6:11, Luis 6:21, Mike S. 6:25,    Sean 7:10, Jake 7:12, Charles 7:43, Travis 7:44, Marcus 7:51, Jon R. 8:14, Yuri 10:10, Damian 11:34, Ron 12:14

Women: 1) Jan 7:54, 2) Sara 8:22, 3) Jessica 8:45, Jaime 10:15


Thursday 455

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Warm-up: Stick drills, power snatches.

CrossFit: "Randy" wmv, mov 75-power snatches for time.

Level-1:Men 75lbs, Girls 55lbs. Reps will be graded for board.

Elements:Men 45lbs, Ladies 15lbs.

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs:Boys 65lbs, Girls 45lbs.

Leap Frogs:Boys 45lbs, Girls 25lbs.

Tree Frogs:50 reps at 15lbs.

Tadpoles: 30 reps with broomsticks.

Game: Ring dip relay.

Strength: 50 ring dips.

Endurance: 3-mile run

Results from the UW vs WSU arm wrestling match. This loss might sting a bit.


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Wednesday M-1


Wednesday 454

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Warm-up: Stick drills, thrusters.

CrossFit: 800 meter run, 25 thrusters, 50 KB Swings, 400-13-25, 200-7-13.

Level-1: Men 95 and 50, Women 65 and 35.

Elements: Men 45 and 30, Women 25 and 25.

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs: Boys 65 and 45, Girls 45 and 30.

Leap Frogs: Boys 45 and 30, Girls 35 and 25.

Tree Frogs: 15 and 15.

Tadpoles: Broomsticks and 5.

Game: Med ball relay races

Strength: above

Endurance: 2-mile swim

Earn your scars!


Yeterdays results.