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Tuesday 467

Published on September 29, 2009, by in WOD.

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Warm-up: 400 run and Body Weight Dead-lifts

CrossFit: 400 meter run, 50-push-ups, 20-Dead-lifts

               800 meter run, 40-push-ups, 15-DL

               1-mile run, 30-push-ups, 10-DL

    Level-1: Body weight

    Elements:400, 800, 400, Men 135lbs, Women 65-95lbs.

CrossFit Kids:

    Super Frogs:Body weight

    Leap Frogs:Boys 95lbs, Girls 75lbs.

    Tree Frogs:200, 400, 200, 35lbs

    Tadpoles: three sets, 200 runs, 15-10-5, push-ups and dl. 15lb KB's

Game: Red light – green light

Show me your war face Arrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh




Yesterdays results



Monday 466

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Warm-up: 5:00 of jump rope, Three rounds of 1-Burpee Box Jump, 3-DH Chinups, 5-Lunges.

CrossFit: Three rounds of 5-HSPU, 10-Pull-ups, 15-Squats, 20-Situps, 800 meter run.

    Level-1: No Progressions, elevated HSPU if possible.

    Elements: Progressions Ok. No Stinkbugs.

CrossFit Kids:

    Super Frogs: Same L-1.

    Leap Frogs: Same L-1.

    Tree Frogs: 200 meter runs, stinkbugs ok.

    Tadpoles: 200 meter run, stinkbugs ok.

Game: Leap Frog Relay Races.



Sunday 465

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Rest Day

Fight Gone Bad humbles even the best of us.




Yesterdays Results

Saturday S-1

Men: 1) Brad 350, 2) Jon L. 344, Eric N. 319, Matt G. 316, Mike T. 308, Steve S. 306, Daniel S. 305, Sean O. 289, Levi 274, Kimo 268, Marcus 262, Damian 257, Jake 253, Dave 250, Grant 246, Mike L. 243, Charles 238, Bill B. 235, Phil 232, Ron 205, Jon R. 198, David V. 182

Women: 1) Janice 282, 2) Leilani 232, 3) Taylor 199, Jaime 195

Wall Ball: Mike Lowe 38, Leilani 25

SHPDL: Eric N. 31, Steve S. 30

Box Jumps: Daniel 25, Brad 25, Janice 25

Push Press: Phil 40, Jon L. 37

Row: Jon L. 27, Eric N. 26



Saturday 464

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Congratulations Travis and Sara, may you have a long and happy marriage.

Warm-up:10 – 20 reps of each exercise.

CrossFit: “Fight Gone Bad.” One minute of each of the following for three rounds, Wall-ball, SDHP, Box Jumps, Push Press, Row for calories. One minute rest between rounds.

    Level-1: Men 20, 75, 20″, 75. Women 16, 55, 20″, 55.

    Elements: 10, 35, 18″, 35.

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs: Boys, 16, 55, 20″, 55. Girls 12, 35, 20″, 35.

Leap Frogs: 10, 35, 20″, 35.

Tree Frogs: 4-6,10, 18″, 10

Tadpoles: One round, SB, 3-5, 12″, 3-5

 Its time for “Fight Gone Bad”. Who will be left standing!

Yesterdays results



Nutrition for Kids and Teens

Published on September 25, 2009, by in WOD.

Our goal with kids isn’t to get them on the zone, but to get them to think and make good choices about what they eat. Our goal is to teach them very basic concepts, sugar is bad, protein is good and you need to eat some in every meal. Nuts and seeds are good fats. Eat them, don’t avoid them. Pasta, white bread, and white rice are not that good for you, stuff that’s red, yellow, green and found in the fruit and vegetable aisle is good for you. Eat a lot of it.

Look at your plate, make a fist, eat that much meat every meal; turn your hand over and fill it with nuts and seeds, eat that much good fat, fill the rest of your plate with stuff you found in the fruit and vegetable aisle. Fill your plate this way at every meal, don’t eat more.

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