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Monday 487

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No workouts after 7:00 pm tonight! Bring your lawn chairs and join us for the Showtime documentary featuring Olympic Gold / Silver medalist and CFBV firebreather Anna Cummins. 7-9pm.

Warm-up: 400 meter run, Shoulder Presses, broomstick, bar, weights.

CrossFit: 21-15-9 of Shoulder Presses, 400 meter run before every set.

Level-1: Men 95, Women 65.

Elements: 45-95lbs

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs: Boys 55, Girls 45

Leap Frogs: 35lbs

Tree Frogs: 15lbs, 12-9-6

Tadpoles: 3lbs, 9-6-3, 100 meter runs.

A special visit from Eric of CF Mt. Baker, and Alex of CF Ventura. Thanks for stopping by!



Sunday 486

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Happy Birthday Princess, Daddy loves you!

Rest Day


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Saturday 485

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Team Punishment

Ok troops you have finished the workup and deployed to the far hinterlands of Allrightitshotashellistan. Your team has been tasked with building a new fire base to project a presence and conduct future follow on missions. Unfortunately Navy CB's have not deployed with you because the situation is far to dangerous for them to bring in heavy equipment at this time.

Once you land you have to consider it a hot LZ and get your defenses in order and prepare for the inevitable attack. You will have less than 30-minutes to build your bunkers. The bunkers must be 8-sandbags deep. You will need to use your 225 /135lb dead-lift shovels in order to fill your 20/16lb med ball sandbags. Then you will need to toss all 12-med-ball sandbags up ten feet an accurately place them. After each row of sandbags is up you will need to climb onto the bunker 8-times each in order to properly compact them.

Since this is a grueling workload you will have to alternate the filling throwing and climbing. Both of you will fill your sandbags, toss them, and finally climb up and pack them down. You have to do this as a team and since you only have one shovel and one ball you and there is only room enough for one of you to climb you must wait for your partner to complete there turn before moving on. 

Exercises: 8-rounds of 5-Dead-lifts 225, 135, 8-pull-ups, 12-Wall Ball 20/16.

Rules: Only one person can exercise at a time. Cannot move on until teammate completes all reps. If your teammate cannot complete the reps then you can assist them and add 5-burpees for each failed rep.


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Friday 484

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Sign up now for our next Boot Camp and get started on the road to Elite Fitness. Saturday Oct. 17th  8-10 am. info@crossfitbellevue.com

Warm-up: You will get warm while you row.

CrossFit: Long Row then strength.

Level-1: 5000 meters

Elements: 3000 meters

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs: 5000 meters

Leap Frogs: 5000 meters

Tree Frogs: 1500 meters

Tadpoles: 750 meters

Game: Fish game on the rower.

Strength: 5 x 5 Back Squats, depth and form matter more than weight. Broomstick, bar, weights.


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Thursday 483

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Sign up now for our next Boot Camp and get started on the road to Elite Fitness. Saturday Oct. 17th  8-10 am. info@crossfitbellevue.com

Warm-up: 15-deep air squats, 15 deep OH Squats, 15-Broomstick squat snatches. 

CrossFit: Strength and Endurance Day. Resting 3:00 minutes between each.

Game: Agility drills

Strength: 5 x 5 Squat Snatches, form and depth matter more than weight.

Endurance: 3 x 800 meter sprints.

Late at night when we call for help the men and women of Bellevue Fire will come. They have a hard job that they do with little or no thanks. Marcus we appreciate your courage and commitment, tell your fellow firefighters thank you for all they do to keep us safe.  


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