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Thursday 496

Published on October 29, 2009, by in WOD.

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CrossFit: Strength and Endurance Day, Strength rest 5:00 minutes then Endurance.

Warm-Up:JA's, 400 meter run, 20-30 passthoughs, 30-OH Squats.

Strength: 5 x 5 of OH Squats from the racks. 2-3 minutes rest between sets.

Endurance: Damn the weather – 1-mile SPRINT!!!!!!!!

Coaching Notes:Progressions, Broomstick – Bar – Weights. Engage those shoulders, rip the bar apart, hold your breath until your completely standing and don't sacrifice depth for weight. Get low, keep your shins vertical and your lumbar arch engaged. 

Coaching Notes on running: Move feet fast, I hope this helps.

What is being in shape? Is it lifting heavy weight and moving as like a snail? Is it moving fast but being as weak as a wet noodle? Or is it being 190lbs of lean muscle that can clean 250+, bench 300+, do 50 pull-ups a 50" box jump and still run sub 6:00 minute miles. Coach Gabe the original member of the knuckle dragger crew. Competition breeds intensity, intensity is the key to fitness.


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Wednesday 495

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Sign up for our next Introductory Boot Camp on Saturday, October 31st, from 8-10 am. Get started on your road to elite fitness. info@crossfitbellevue.com

CrossFit: AMRAP in 20:00 of 10-Squat Cleans, 20-Sit-ups, 30-Double Unders.

Warm-Up: JA's, JR 5:00, stick drills, 20-med ball cleans, 20-toes to bar.

Level-2: Men 155lbs, Women 105lbs, GHD, Doubles. 

Level-1:Men 105lbs, Butterfly, Doubles. Women 85lbs.

Elements: 35-65lbs, Butterfly, 50 singles.

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs:Boys 95lbs, Girls 65lbs, GHD, Doubles.

Leap Frogs:Boys 65lbs, Girls 45lbs, GHD, Doubles.

Tree Frogs:15:00, 15-35lbs, Butterfly, 50-singles.

Tadpoles: 12:00 Steel poles, Butterfly, 25-singles.

Listen up all you old timers and coach potatoes put your excuses in the closet, your golf clubs in storage for the winter and get off your butts and get in here and start training. You are not to old, you are not to fat and you are not to out of shape for us to help you! What we do today is how we will live tommorow.

Ron C. 60-years young, ripped to shreds and living life to the fullest.

DSC03883 DSC03885

Tremendous job on Monday! Almost everyone set PR's. Since we hardly ever do this workout this just goes to show how hard we work.

Most improved was Ron Cyphers. At 60-years of age he is showing most of the younger crew the seat of his pants as he is passing by. Ron dropped over 6:00 minutes off his time and set a new PR of 18:47. When Ron joined the club I was scared he was going to keel over and die because Ron is a full blown asthmatic. However he has never ever let this slow him down. I made a promise to myself to never treat Ron like he was older because I wouldn't want anyone to treat me that way. As a medical professional I was very careful to watch him and careful what kind of advice I gave and in what delivery method I made it. I respect and envy Ron so much. I look at Ron and hope that I will be in the shape he is in when I am in my 60's. Ron your sun dial is officially retired. Congratulations you dinosaur your the coolest and smoothest cat I have ever trained or drank beer with. You an your spicy ass pistachios are welcome at my pad anytime. Keep up the hard work brother.  

Janice continues to destroy all comers with a time of 9:10. Thats roughly one burpee pull-up every 5.4 seconds. Considering it takes her a full three foot jump to get to the pull-up bars I would say she would be a full minute faster if the bars weren't 8 feet off the ground. Being a mother of three and running a family gives Jan has every excuse in the world to be out of shape, instead she is the most amazing athlete I have ever seen or been around. Your a stud Jan, I'm proud to have you as a training partner, a fellow coach and a friend.

Other mentions go out to my baby boy Kellan (8) (8:47)  (75 reps) he dropped 1:10 off his time even though as I took 15 reps from him. My daughter Taylor (10) (17:40) did the full 100 reps this time and came in 3rd for the female athletes. I love my little freaks of nature so much.

Bill dropped almost 2:00 minutes off his time. Along with being a gymnastics animal Bill is the strongest person in the gym in terms of strength to weight ratio. Jon Ruskin dropped almost 5:00 minutes off his time, by the way he did the whole thing on one leg. Jon has a slight tear in his knee and since he still wants to train we have to be very creative with his workouts. Although Jon trains hurt, we are very careful not to aggravate the injury but he doesn't use it as an excuse he just keeps charging.

Mike L. dropped over 2:00 minutes off his time. Mike is one of my original clients, I feel like a proud brother watching Mike attacking workouts and getting in crazy shape. Marcus dropped over a minute off his time. Next year when Marcus competes in the Fire Fighter Games he is going to destroy the competition. Mikki dropped almost 1:00 off her time, Mikki continues to be the quiet professional. The beauty and sophistication she exudes are awesome to be around. 

My brother from another mother Kimo dropped 3:30 seconds off his time. I am in continued awe of Kimo, he is highly educated, a great father and a dependable friend. This last year training with Kimo has been awesome. The help Kimo gives me behind the scenes makes my job so much easier. Thanks brother!

Big Matt and Travis both improved there times significantly. Matt dropped almost 2:00 minutes and Travis dropped almost 5:00. The man beasts are getting crazy strong and crazy fit.

Finally and last but not least Mary. Mary is currently under instruction to join our staff. I asked her to step up her performances and she has responded more than I ever expected. Last time Mary did this workout she did 75 assisted reps in 24:50, she was upset and not at all happy with her performance. Yesterday Mary did the workout as RX in 19:05 seconds a full five minutes of improvement. She had the eye of the tiger and never let the little voice take over. Mary has stepped it up so much that now I am not wondering if and when Ill let her coach it is now if and when is she going to start to destroy me on workouts.

There are so many of you that I want to mention but my fingers are frozen from typing in the cold gym. I know I should turn the heat on but I'm to much of a tight wod to want to spend the dough LOL. I am super proud of all of you, watching a like minded group get leaner and more athletic gives me the fulfillment I was looking for when I started this project. Keep up the good work and remember to train hard or stay home. When others are miserable we thrive!

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Tuesday 494

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CrossFit:Three rounds: 500 row, 15-HSPU, 50-Leg Levers. Then strength.

Warm-Up: Joints, 500 row, 25 bar shoulder press's, 25 push-ups, 15 knees to elbows.

Level-2:Double plate elevated HSPU.

Level-1:Flat ground HSPU.

Elements: HSPU Progressions.

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs:Single Plate HSPU

Leap Frogs:Flat ground HSPU

Tree Frogs: Wall Progressions

Tadpoles: Stink bugs or holds. 

Strength: Strict Pyramid Pushups 1…10, 10…1. :30 rest between sets.

We have boxes of crayons, stacks of cartoons, bags of toys and for some reason none of it ever gets used. The kids love the rings and they can all do pull-ups I wonder if there is a comon theme. What physical training are your kids doing at school or childcare?


 Yesterdays results


1) Janice 9:10, Daniel 11:10, 2) Steve 11:20, Christina 17:20,  3) Levi 11:48, Taylor 17:40

Kellan 8:47 TF, Bill 12:52, Joe 13:26, Jon R. 13:34, Mike L. 13:53, Jake 14:00, Charles 15:48, Phil 16:10, Eric N. 16:34, Lars 16:57, Marcus 17:14, Jon L. 17:05, Tammara 18:01, Jaime 18:19, Mikki 18:32, Jessica 18:33, Kimo 16:33, Ron 18:40, Zach 18:40, Matt G. 19:08, Mary 19:05, Mike S. 20:05, Tiffany 20:54, Yuri 21:30, , Nick 21:58, Alexis 22:16, Sara 22:30,Gardner 22:46, Leilani 22:59, Iestyn 33:03


Monday 493

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CrossFit:G-I-JANE HEY-HEY G-I-JANE HEY. Burpee Pull-ups.

Warm-Up: Joint articulations, 5:00 JR, 15 pull-ups, 15-push-ups, 15-OH Squats.

Level-1:100 un-assisted burpee pull-ups for time. 20:00 for board.

Elements: 50 assisted burpee pull-ups for time.

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs: 100, 15:00 for board.

Leap Frogs: 100, 17:00 for board.

Tree Frogs: 50, assistance is ok.

Tadpoles: 30, assistance is ok.

Strength: 5 x 5 back squats.

Little Chapelle making her first magazine cover, next stop Sports Illustrated! 



Sunday 493

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Rest day

Movie night in the gym, a good seat is hard to find.


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