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Monday 521

Published on November 23, 2009, by in WOD.

CrossFit: Gymnastics Strength, Level 1-4 testing.

Warm-up:JA's, 20 of each of the following, OH squats, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, box jumps.

Squats or Pistols: Hip must travel below knee line and hips must be at full extension in standing position. Minimum standards – Level-1 = 50, Level-2 = 100, Level-3 = 10 each leg, Level-4 = 25 each leg.

Push-ups: Chest must touch ground, elbows must be at full extension. If knees touch ground the participant is finished. MS – Level-1 = 10, Level-2 = 30, Level-3 = 80, Level-4 = 100.

Kipping or DH Pull-ups:Elbows must be at full extension and chin must be above bar. MS Level-1 = 3K, Level-2 = 20K, Level-3 = 40K, Level-4 = 40DH.

Sit-ups or GHD:Shoulder blades or hands must touch ground, hands must touch toes or pads. MS Level-1 = 30, Level-2 = 60, Level-3 = 50 GHD, Level-4 = 80 GHD.

Box Jump Height: Hips must be at full extension at top of jump. MS, Level-1 = 18", Level -2 = 24", Level-3 = 30", Level-4 = 36".

Box Jump Reps: MS, Level-1 = 20@18", Level-2 = 40@24", Level-3 = 40@30", Level-4 = 40@36".

Hang or Rope Climbs: MS, Level-1 = :30 static hang from bar, Level-2 = rope climb, Level-3 = rope climb no feet, Level-4 = 2 touch and go L-Sit rope climbs from seated position.  

Knees to Elbows or Toes to bar:Level-1 = 10 K2E, Level-2 = 20 K2E, Level-3 = 20 T2B, Level-4 = 30 T2B.

Hand Stands and HSPU:MS, Level-1 = :15 second handstand, Level-2 = 5 HSPU, Level-3 = 10 single plate, Level-4 = 10 double plate.

Muscle-Ups: MS, Level-2 = 1, Level-3 = 10, Level-4 = 15.

Coaching Notes: The testing is going to be extremely comprehensive and thorough. Athletes will have 2:00 minutes to complete each evaluation and get 2:00 minutes rest before beginning the next evaluation. Athletes should attempt highest skill level possible. Athletes will have cumulative average for each skill set (Gymnastics, MonoStrucural and Weight Lifting) and be categorized at the completion of the three days of testing. Tomorrow we will be testing both speed and endurance so dress according to the weather as you will be conducting short distance runs. 


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Sunday 520

Published on November 22, 2009, by in WOD.

Gym open from 11-12

Rowing Chelsea, AMRAP in 30:00 of 500 row, 5-pullups, 10-pushups, 15-squats. Gym record 10 rounds.


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1) Janice S. CFBV, 2) Skip C. CF Mt. Baker, 3) Daniel S. CFBV


Saturday 519

Published on November 21, 2009, by in WOD.

CrossFit 101 with Coach Glassman. Event starts at 8:30 am, park in the lower parking lot. Schedule for the day is listed below. Event is sold out and no seats are available.

0800 – 0900 sign waivers and get seated.

0900 – 1200 Coach Glassman question and answer.

1200- 1300 Lunch.

1300 – 1400 Coach Glassman

1400 – 1500 WOD, Tabata Abs.

1500 – 1600 Coach Glassman.

1600 – 1900 Social.

WOD: Tabata Abs – :20 Seconds on, :10 Seconds off. Eight rounds of each of the following for max reps. Butterfly Sit-ups, Leg-Levers, Atomic Sit-ups, Toes to Bar.



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Friday 518

Published on November 20, 2009, by in WOD.

Track Brian and Jake at Baja 1000

CrossFit: AMRAP in 20:00 of 15-KB Swings, 10-Box Jumps, 5-Pull-ups.

Warm-up: JA's, Five rounds of 1-rope climb's, 10-jumping squats.

Level-1: Men 50lbs, Women 35lbs, 24".

Elements: Men 30lbs, Women 25lbs, 18".

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs: Boys 35lbs, Girls 30lbs, 24".

Leap Frogs: 25lbs, 24".

Tree Frogs: 15lbs, 18".

Tadpoles: 5lbs, 12".

Strength: 5 x 5 Bench Press.

Endurance: 1-mile swim or 3-mile run.


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1) Jon L. 12:56 – WOWWWWWWWWW, Ron 39:31


Thursday 517

Published on November 19, 2009, by in WOD.

CrossFit:"The Battlefield", Five rounds of 15-DL, 12-HPCleans, 9-FSquats, 6-PPress.

Warm-up: JA's, 25-pass through's, 25-OH Squats, 25-OH Lunges, 25-wall ball, stick drills, one round w/half weight.

Level-2:Men 135lbs, Women 95lbs, CO 30:00 for board.

Masters:Men 105lbs, Women 55lbs. CO 35:00 for board.

Level-1:Men 75-95lbs, Women 65-85lbs.

Elements:Three rounds, Men 65lbs, Women 35lbs.

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs:Boys 65lbs, Girls 55lbs.

Leap Frogs:Boys 45lbs, Girls 35lbs.

Tree Frogs:15lb bars.

Tadpoles: Short metal poles

Coaching Notes:Take your time on the warm-ups. Get good and loose before you start. You need to push yourself and just move the bar. Your body is going to fail so you will need to get your mind right and exhibit the sheer mental tenacity that is associated with this program. Remember dont sacrifice form for speed, keep that back straight and your chest up, plant those heels and drive off them, throw punches on the push presses and straighten those wrists. Once you start make a commitment to finishing each round before you take a short rest. Once you cannot complete the entire round then complete the exercise. Bottom line pick the bar up, put the water down and move, when you start feeling sorry for yourself and start thinking of complaining about the workout look across the room at the hardcore people who are suffering with you. 

Welcome back Lars our door is always open to you brother.


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