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Tuesday 608

Published on February 16, 2010, by in WOD.

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CrossFit: "Cindy" AMRAP in 20:00 of 5-pull-ups, 10-push-ups, 15-squats.

Warm-up: JA's, 400 run, five rounds of WOD.

Level-2 & 3: Full ROM and minimum 15 rounds required for board.

Level-1: Bands and balls ok.

CF Moms2B: 10rds, assisted pull-ups, knee push-ups, ball squats.

CrossFit Kids:

Tree Frogs: AMRAP in 15:00, Taylor 20:00.

Tadpoles: AMRAP in 12:00.

Strength: 5 x 5 weighted ring dips.

Endurance: 3-mile run.

Pre-BUD/S: NO WOD or Endurance, Strength, 1000 wo fins, 1000 w fins, 1000 fin only backstroke (turtle back), 500 dp swim.

Coaching Notes:Elbows straight with chin above bar for pull-ups, chest to ground with elbows straight for push-ups, leave your head bobs and your excuses, squats are hips below knee line with hip completely open and standing erect at the top. If you want your name on the board then you will do a minimum of 15 rounds.

Congratulation's Jaime, Level-1 Cert, Puyallup, Wa.

Jaime lvl-1 

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Monday 607

Published on February 15, 2010, by in WOD.

CrossFit: "Diversity…Adversity…Prosperity" 500 m row, 10-dead lifts, 20-box jumps, 30-KB Swings, 40-Wall Ball, 50-OH Lunges, 500 m row.

Warm-up: JA's, 800 m run, 20-50% working weight deads, 50-OH Squats, 25-K2Chest jumps.

Level-3: M-225, 24", 50, 20, W-135, 24", 35, 16.

Level-2: M-185, W-105.

Level-1: M-135, 18", 30, 16, W-95, 18", 25, 10.  

CF Moms2B: 65lbs, 18" step ups, 25lbs, 10lbs.

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs: L-1

Leap Frogs: 95, 24", 25, 10.

Tree Frogs: 30, 18" 15, 4. Taylor 45, 24", 15, 6.

Tadpoles: 25, 12", 10, Soccer Balls.

Pre-BUD/S: 1-mile walk and stretch.

Coaching Notes: Do not pace yourself, do not hold back, your legs and lungs are going to be burning, who cares, just keep moving. One rep at a time, one exercise at a time, its just a big hill, head down-ass up, just put one foot in front of the other and do not stop until the job is done.

I suffered the first hamstring pull of my life yesterday. We had just started the first sprint of our second WOD and I was maybe 25 meters into it. I felt it right away and it put me down hard. Why did this happen? Its simple, first I gaffed off post wod stretching, I was poorly hydrated, I didnt eat enough, and my warm-up was a joke. All these things played a part in yet another set back. I preach flexibility but lately I have been too busy to cool to spend the extra time stretching. Learn from my mistake and put the time into your recovery, hydration and flexibility. I always say flexibility prevents injury and pain is the greatest teacher, well yesterday I learned both are very true

Jen's New Arm from Dan C. on Vimeo.

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Sunday 606

Published on February 14, 2010, by in WOD.

Games and Pre-BUD/S:

1100 – AMRAP in 10:00 of 4-double plate HSPU, 8-55lb KB Swings, 12-T2B.

Pre-BUD/S: 10k run.

1300 – 2rds of uphill car push (50 yds) / 100lb farmers walk stair climb.

Some kids sleep with teddy bears, my kid snuggles up to a med-ball. CF Kids eat, sleep and dream CrossFit.

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Saturday 605

Published on February 13, 2010, by in WOD.

CrossFit: AMRAP in 20:00 of 4-HSPU, 8-KB Swings, 12-Knees to elbows.

Level-2 & 3: M50, W35.

Level-1: M35, W25.

Games and Pre-BUD/S:

0900 – 3.2 mile run

1100 –100 Over Head Squats from the racks. M95, W65.

1300 – 10:00 minuntes to Dead-lift a total of M5000lbs, W3000lbs and do 150 box jumps at 24". Any series of reps or loads is acceptable.

Pre-BUD/S: 0900 run, 1000 WOD with class, 1100 WOD use sandbags instead of bars, 1300 20rds of sandbag stair carries with 10-burpees at the top of the stairs and 10-push-ups at the bottom of the stairs.

Training for BUD/S isn't just about push-ups, running and swimming. The logs and boats will always be heavy, the sand will alway's be deep, and I am never going to let up on my expectations. 2-months of Pre-Training and already 150% stronger, work capacity up 200%, mental toughness through the roof.



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Friday 604

Published on February 12, 2010, by in WOD.

CrossFit: Strength then Endurance.

Strength: 100 weighted sit-ups, suggested weight M45, W25.

Endurance: 2000 meter sprint row.

Pre-BUD/S: Morning, 1)10 rds, rope climb / 20-push-ups 2)100 burpee box jumps, 24", then strength, then 1-mile buddy sandbag run (use 1-70lb sandbag) it had better not touch the ground and you better not stop running, ever, then endurance. Evening, 20 rds of 50-meter freestyle sprints, exit the pool each lap and 50 leg levers, your feet need to be going 1' deep into the water on each rep.

20-years ago you they were brand new freshmen at Mercer Island High. Today they are highly educated proffesionals who's freindship has lasted a lifetime. Treat your friends well, show them respect and kindness and they will be there when you need them most. Super Mike and Bill the Beast working hard and pushing each other to new levels every day.  


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