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Monday 628

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Sign-up now for this weekends Introductory Boot Camp and get started on your road to Elite Fitness. Saturday 8-10 am. info@crossfitbellevue.com

CrossFit: Stair sprints.

Warm-up: JA's, 

Level 2 & 3: 20 sprints, 30:seconds rest or 5-person continued rotation.  

Level-1:  10-15 sprints, :30 seconds rest.

Moms2B and injured:  Moms 12-double step climbs, injured 20-100 meter rows.

CrossFit Kids:

Tree Frogs:  15-sprints

Tadpoles:   10-sprints.

Pre-BUD/S: 0900-10k run, 200 push-ups. 1800-WOD, 4 x 800 meter sprints, 200 sit-ups, strength.

Strength: 5 x 10 push press.

Bill and Mikki took time out from the Olympic experience to visit CF Whistler. Unfortunately CFW gang decided to do the beer tour the night before and never showed. Gotta love the Olympic spirit.



Sunday 627

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Rest Day


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Saturday 626

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 "Teams and Sh*t"

You and your swim buddy will conduct the following resupply mission for your men in the field. This resupply mission will take you three trips to complete. Time is the essence as this gear is mission critical. The success of this mission depends on the speed of your transport. You will need to carry three 45lbs mortar plates 800 meters to the resupply point, the plate is large and can only be carried by one person at time, the plate must not get dirty or severe wear and tear will ensue.

Once your there the need to unpack the parachutes from the drop and heave up the 50-20lb bundles over the 10' wall. You must be careful and not drop the bundles at anytime or the critical gear will be destroyed. If the bundle doesn't make it over the wall then your partner and not you must catch and re-throw the bundle. This will save time and considerable excess energy.

Once you have completed the bundles you must signal the guys to come out the hide sites. The best way to do this is to jump from the ground and place your hands way above your head to signal. Also making noise will increase the chance of them seeing you so slapping your hands to your partners at the top of the jump will make this signal so much better. You need to signal 25-times in order to get there attention.

Prepare your minds and bodies for this mission tadpoles, take care of your swim buddy and never let them get more than 6' away. If you fail to obied by the mission parameters you will be punished with 10-signals for each occurrence. Good luck, and god speed.

WOD: Three rounds of 45lb plate carry for 800 meters, (no ladies yours isn't modified). 50-buddy wall ball (25-each person) ball cannot touch ground or you owe 10-burpees before continuing. 25-high five burpees.

Welcome to the gun shop, small arms repaired here.

I don’t usually get involved in the back and forth banter on this site; I just read, laugh, and roll my eyes at my goofy husband.  For those of you who know me and Ron, you’ll know that we usually don’t have anything serious to say, on this site or in person for that matter, but after reading Lei’s post the other day I felt the need to chime in, so everyone gather round, its sharing circle time.

To Lei and Dan, when I first started crossfit in Alaska May of last year, I was coming off of a two year stint of being a full time student, full time job, mom, wife, and small business owner, blah blah – in short, I had no time to workout and was extremely out of shape.  Most of the time Ron would have to force me to go which I would dread because I knew that the warmup alone would have me gasping for breath.  After moving to Washington this past July, I trained at a different crossfit and wasn’t enjoying myself.  By November, I was still finishing last and would choke back tears as everyone else would be done with their workout, the music would be turned off, and the other crossfitters would be grouped up talking about how great they did as I was still two or more rounds to go.  I would get frustrated because none of the trainers would push the weights so some of the other women who were pretending to workout would blaze through their workout using the lightest weights they could, as I was trying work my way to Rx.  One time a chic even used nothing more than a dowl stick. . . no lie.  By the time Ron and I stumbled on your gym, I was ready to quit. 
Since being at CFBV, I have made leaps and bounds from where I was.  When I started back in May, I could barely lift 45 lbs overhead.  A pull up was out of the question and I couldn’t even get on my hands to try a handstand push up.  Crossfit is hard.  A crossfitter needs to be pushed and sometimes its not enough to push yourself and you need someone else to do it for you.  You need to enjoy being around the people you workout with also knowing that while you are competing against your gym mates for the top, none of them wants to see the other fail!  Ron and I know the sacrifices you and your family make for the gym and for what its worth, my staying with crossfit and any progress I’ve made, I owe to you two and the community you have built at CFBV.  I look forward to working out there and, if we lived closer, would be there five days a week.
To Kym, Matt & Jon: Mad F’ing props. on the games.  I never doubted you guys were rockstars.  But it took my first Monday workout after the games to put into perspective just what an accomplishment it was.  As I was watching you guys, in between naps, I was jealous.  I immediately said that I was going to do it next year.  I went to the gym Monday and thought this is going to be a fun workout, Im going to blaze through it – mentally preparing myself for the games next year. . . I like to plan ahead.  Wellllll, I made it to round 4, yeah that’s right not even half way, both my hands were ripped, I was exhausted, and then tripped on the box jump and broke my leg (not really but that’s what it felt like), thanks Gabe for catching me. . . yes it was that disasterous.  That was one workout; you guys did three in one day; and five over two days.  You should feel nothing less than awesomeness, it’s a good feeling  I know because Im awesome. . . in other ways.  Needless to say it is because of you three, everyone else at the gym, and especially the women, Jen (you’re my hero in the wedding pic with the ripped back – I want to workout and have another wedding just for a picture like that which I would hang on my wall), and Janice, Christina, Lei, Micki, and anyone else I forgot that pushes me to want to do better.  You ladies are beasts, you want to push hard and aren’t there just to pretend to workout.   


Erin J. Onyon



Friday 625

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CrossFit: Four rounds of 400 meter run and squats.

Warm-up: JA's, 800 run, 25-box jumps.

Level-2 & 3: 50 squats per round.  

Level-1:  30-squats per round.

Moms2B and injured:  500 rows, 25-squats per round.

CrossFit Kids:

Tree Frogs:   200 runs, 25-squats.

Tadpoles:  100 runs, 15-squats.

Strength: 10 x 10, 75lb thrusters, 2:00 rest.

Endurance: 10K run or 50-mile bike ride.

Pre-BUD/S: AM - Strength, 10K  – 45lb ruck march, flat ground. PM – WOD, 10 rds of 15-pushups, 30 sit-ups.

I would like to welcome the world my brand new great newphew Xaiden. Hello little guy Uncle D loves you.

Ashley and xaiden 



Ronald O has left you a comment:

I completely agree Leilani, Kym is a stud. It takes so much courage, work, time and discipline to put herself into the games. I love the fact she threw herself into the mix just to see how she’d land. Attacking a challenge like that with no idea exactly what’s to come or how she’ll wind up but do it anyway, enjoy the experience and accomplish something big. I agree she’s a rock star!!! Now for my Dear Diary, Tuesdays workout was: Deadlifts, situps, 400 runs after each set. 10/10, 8/20, 6/30, 4/40, 2/50. The 225 deadlift is an exercise I won’t take any breaks on, I can run the 400’s strong and the situps are not an issue where I can knock them out fast and take no breaks, this is my day..….unfortunately I missed that level 3 was GHD situps so that changed my strategy a lot. GHD situps like me about as much as the rower, except when I do a lot of GHD situps I get a nice pukey feeling while the rower just kicks me in the junk then laughs at me afterwards. But still I saw this workout I’m thinking, this is my day for a victory lap. Matt, Jon and Kim are still resting from the games, bill is not in tonight so as long as I can go faster than Levi, Jake and a few others I should have my victory lap. I knock out the first round and am first out the door. The early rounds I was able to keep a fast pace because the deadlifts are strong for me, I like the run and with few GHD situps at the beginning I have a good feeling about this WOD. By time I hit the round of 6/30 I now had to start breaking up the GHD situps, mainly because I was feeling a little nauseous. By time I get to the last round I look at the time and see as long as I can do the GHD’s in a reasonable time, stay ahead of Jake then I should beat Levi’s time and do my victory lap. I knock out the last round and complete it in 22:34 oh yeahhhhhhh!!!!! Levi did it in 23:13 let’s start my victory lap but first I walk outside for a few minutes to dry heave then afterwards go back in double check the times on the board and do my victory lap……………..WTF!!!!! I forgot Janice did the workout and destroyed me again, dammit. Wait wait wait, Eric, Chuck, Sean, and Steve a lso beat me by a lot. Where did all these people come from? Today was supposed to be my day. One more thing. I was going to take today off but I see the strength & endurance exercises are back squat and sprints. Fortunately or unfortunately this is how my mind works. I like to compete and test myself so I see the sprints and I’m thinking, yay, I get to do short sprints vs. people. I used to be pretty fast so I assume I still am :-) Since I’ve never seen anyone in the gym do any sprints and I think I’m fast……..so that means I must be the fastest person in the gym….YAY ME!!! Sure Daniel is a teenager, in extremely good shape and a complete stud but I haven’t seen him run so I must be faster. Jon used to play college football, he’s in extremely good shape but in a short sprint I must sprint faster than him too. Gabe……hahahahaha ok Gabe I’m definitely smoking him unless I trip over a unicorn. You see how my thoughts go. If this trend continues I might need to have a serious conversation with my brain and try to talk some sense into it…….or kill it with beer :-)




Thursday 624

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CrossFit: "GI Jane", 100-burpee pull-ups.

Warm-up: JA's, 

Level-3: With Body Armor or 20lb vest. No Levi you can't wear Janice's.

Level 2:  Unassisted, do not use boxes, stack plates and jump.

Level-1:  75 burpee assisted pull-ups.

Moms2B and injured: 50-seated to stand-up pull-ups. Cross feet when sitting and standing.

CrossFit Kids:

Tree Frogs: Kellan and Taylor 100, all other's 75.

Tadpoles:  35 burpee pull-ups.

Strength: 5 x 5 shoulder press.

Endurance: 1000 m swim no fins, 1000 m swim with fins, 500 dp swim.

Pre-BUD/S: AM – Strength and endurance. PM – 150 burpee pull-ups with body armor.

Pictures say a thousand words.


P1000882  P1000906 P1000908 

P1000893 P1000902 P1000903
P1000913 P1000915 P1000920 

Leilani Cerrillo
 has left you a comment:

Kym, I have to say when you came off those hand stand push-ups in first place and tried so hard to get that 105 lb bar up, I truly wanted to cry. Your awesome attitude, strength, and determination never waivered! You are so my Hero! Being at the sectionals watching the three of you represent Crossfit Bellevue was such an amazing and proud moment for me (bittersweet because Dan was not there). It makes the endless hours that Dan and I dedicate to making this gym succesful, so worth it! You all did so unbelievably awesome! You should feel proud to say that you are truly among the top athlete's in the world today! Crossfit has made some incredible changes for so many of us at Crossfit Bellevue, but often times we don't have the opportunity to show the outside community what a great personal community we have here. You three are measurable proof that our community is so unique! In a year and a half of business we have come so far! I have to say that a little selfish part of me is glad that you all are available now to represent us on the affiliate team. We could not ask for three better athletes! Muscle-ups, here Kym comes (get some!) Lei

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