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Thursday 638

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Join the CFBV Final Four tournament group and lets see who picks the most winners. We will watch the final four in the gym on the big screen. Join

CrossFit: In honor of SFC Daniel Crabtree, "Daniel" 50-pull-ups, 400 run, 21-thrusters, 800 run, 21-thrusters, 400 run, 50-pull-ups.

Warm-Up: JA's, 800 run, 25-wall ball, 15 bar thrusters, 5 WW thrusters, 15-pull-ups.

Level-2 & 3: Men 95lbs, Women 65lbs.

Level-1: Men 65lbs, Women 55lbs.

Moms2B and injured:  Sub runs for 500 and 1000 rows.

CrossFit Kids:

Leap Frogs: 35lbs

Tree Frogs:  Four rounds, 15-pull-ups, 15 thrusters, 200 runs. 15lbs

Tadpoles:  Three rounds, 10 pull-ups, 15 thrusters, double stairs.

Pre-BUD/S:  0900 – 20-50 meter freestyle sprints with 20 push-ups after each sprint. 1600 -WOD, no rest, ruck up and do a 3-mile RUN with 45lb rucks.

Coaching Notes: HIps below the kneeline, full extension for every rep. Work on your POSE running techniques.

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Wednesday 637

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CrossFit: Strength and Endurance day.

Warm-up:  Endurance.

Moms2B and injured: 2-mile walk or 3000 row.

Strength: 5 x 5 heavy back squats.

Endurance: 3.2 mile run. Yes 10:00 am ladies this means you too.

Pre-BUD/S: 0900 with me in the gym. 1600 Endurance and Strength.

Coaching Notes: Ensure you go through the procedure before going heavy. Sticks, bar, light load, half load, working weight. If you are not breaking parallel then your defeating the purpose. Lower the weight and get your butt on the floor.

Every now and then even big dogs have to eat pie. I challenged Ron and he beat me so for those that missed his victory dance here is your chance to see Ron Herman in action.

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1) Ron O. 9:28, Joe H. 9:28, 2)Mike Z. 9:47 3)Janice 9:58



Tuesday 636

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CrossFit: 10rds of 15-Dead-lifts and 15-Push-ups.

Warm-up:  JA's, 30-squats, 30-med-ball Dead-lifts, 30-push-ups, 30-bar dead-lifts.

Level-3: Men 135lbs, Women 95lbs.

Level-2: Men 115lbs, Women 80lbs.

Level-1: 65lbs.

Moms2B:  5-10 rds, 35lbs, knee push-ups. If you feel your back tightening "Stop". Knee push-ups.

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs: Boys 95lbs, Girls 80lbs.

Leap Frogs: 65lbs

Tree Frogs:  5rds, 35lbs.

Tadpoles:  5rds, 20lbs KB's.

Endurance: 2-mile swim w/fins.

Pre-BUD/S: 0900 "Cold Bore Shot" - 1rd of max rep push-ups, zero rest, zero stops, record # of reps and Endurance. 1600, WOD, Sandbag run, rest 10:00, yesterdays WOD at 95lbs you must do 10rds minimum.

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Monday 635

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CrossFit: Every min on the min conduct a Power Clean and Jerk, add 1-rep per minute, once you fail, subtract a rep per minute, so 1-2-3 etc per minute, then 10-9-8 etc per minute. 

Warm-up: JA's, 15-bar C&J's.

Level-3: Men 135lbs, Women 95lbs.

Level-2: Men 105lbs, Women 80lbs.


Moms2B and injured:  

CrossFit Kids:

Super Frogs: Boys 95lbs, Girls 65lbs.

Leap Frogs: 55lbs

Tree Frogs:  15lbs.

Tadpoles:  5 rounds of 10, broomsticks.

Endurance: 25-mile bike ride.

Pre-BUD/S: Rest, you earned it, great job this weekend boys!!!

This week  I say goodye to one of my Tadpoles, he is going to chase his dream of becoming part of the nations elite. Making the decision to endure the hardships that come along with this choice will define his adult life. The choice he makes comes with great reward and great consequence, serving this country is as much an honor as it is a sacrifice and as much as I hate to see him go I am very proud to have been a small part of his life. Zach, your future is in gods hands now, In-Shalla, its god will, your body is prepared, keep your mind in check and your eye on the prize. 5-minutes at a time, don't stop till the job is done. Remember we do what is hard every day so it becomes normal. Your reputation begins the day you walk across the quarterdeck, walk outside, read what is written above your head, believe it. Good luck son!

Name: Aaron Riddle
Comments: ========================================

This is an e-mail to leave a testimonial in regards to your work out programs concerning the WOD.

I have been following the SEAL FIT workouts for a year now and I am amazed at how it has helped take my body and mind to the next level. 

For 15 years, starting as a power lifter in high school, I had been working out 5 days a week doing standard lifts (bench, squats, curls) and endurance exercises for warm downs. I was always seeking to improve my bench press max and how much I could curl, how big my biceps were and all that nonsense.

However I came to a point where I was seeing no improvement. I grew tired of the typical "gym rat" workouts and variations and sought to find something better. I was seeking to obtain total fitness.

My cousin, who is a former Navy Seal, is someone I have always admired so I looked into the type of workouts a Navy Seal might do. That is how I stumbled upon SEAL FIT.

I considered my self in shape when I started the workouts, but soon learned how weak my body and mind really were. The first month of SEAL FIT workouts made me very sore and tired….and my WOD times were nothing close to what the other members were posting on this site. However, I made sure to finish each workout no matter how long it took. 

Now, a year later, I find myself excitedly looking forward to the WOD every morning. My times have improved drastically and my strength and endurance are the best they have ever been. The WODs push me harder than any workouts I have ever done, and by doing them I have learned to focus my mind to get through them. 

I look forward to continuing to follow the SEAL FIT web site and participating in each WOD for years to come.

Lastly, I would like to ask if there is any article or web site that you can point me to that contains nutritional tips that Navy Seals follow? I eat very healthy but am just curious as to how my current diet stacks up to that of other SEAL FIT participants. 

Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping to better others out there in the world!

Aaron Riddle


Sunday 634

Published on March 14, 2010, by in WOD.

Rest Day

IMG00066-20100313-1253 (1)

Hi Dan,

Erin Ron Onyon has left you a comment:

So your pre buds guys can warm up the air temperature, sweeeeeeet. To save on your heating bill do you use them to warm up your building? I liked yesterdays workout a lot more than I was originally expecting, so thanks zach :-) It will be sad to see you go but it's always nice to see people go after goals and dreams, so good luck and enjoy the journey. I went into this WOD with the strategy of just completing the reps with no breaks on exercises and only break, when I need to, in between exercises. Especially for me to not blow out, i didn't want to go out fast then die out like so many times before. So this time try pacing myself since this one looked brutal and long. First round I was in my strategy, good strong pace but too slow, i was last out the door. I didn't worry, I assumed they'd all slow down, I wasn't going for a top time with this WOD but still assumed I wouldn't be last. So stick with the plan, no breaks during exercises. I didn't break on the lunges. I didn't take many breaks with the thrusters but I did break up the squats from time to time. I still expected to be in the middle of the pack with this WOD. But I wasn't, I was near the bottom for times which I was ok with. With a WOD like this just doing that many exercises, stairs and reps, you're getting a good workout. I'm getting my mental intensity back since my injury so my fist pumping will be back soon once all the tools and body is back together. My wife Erin, did the level 3 workout and lapped me a couple of times. I think this was the first time since we've started crossfit that she did a level 3 workout and beat me……….I thought that was pretty damn hot, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :-) Thank you crossfit. I'll make good use of this later….wacka wackaaaaa(fozzie bear voice)