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Tuesdy 643

Published on March 23, 2010, by in WOD.

CrossFit: Three rounds of 50-push-ups, 50-jumping lunges, 800 run.

Warm-up: JA's, 800 run, 25-tricpep push-ups, 25-box jumps.

Moms2B and injured:  25 knee push-ups, 30 standing lunges, 1000 rows.

CrossFit Kids:

Tree Frogs:  Three rounds, 20-push-ups, 20-lunges, 200 runs.

Tadpoles: Three rounds, 15-push-ups, 20-lunges, stairs.

Strength: max rep wall-ball shots in 2:00, put the ball down your done..

Endurance: 4-mile 45lb ruck march.

Pre-BUD/S: 0900 WOD, and three rounds of strength, 1600 – Endurance and 100 burpee box jumps.

If your push-ups suck the ninjas will call you out.

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Monday 642

Published on March 22, 2010, by in WOD.

Come celebrate Levi's birtday this Friday evening, March 26th at 7:30 pm, at the Ipanema Grill. If you have never been there, it's delicious and abundant food… All you can eat, actually. It's a little spendy though, $39 per person. (http://www.ipanemabraziliangrill.us/). After dinner moving to the Ballroom in Fremont for drinks, pool, carousing, etc. etc. (http://ballroomfremont.com/)

CrossFit: AMRAP in 20:00 of 3-HSPU, 5-pull-ups, 7-burpees.

Warm-up:  JA's,

Moms2B: do step ups instead of burpees. 4-each leg.

CrossFit Kids:

Tree Frogs:  AMRAP in15:00

Tadpoles:  AMRAP in 12:00

Strength: 100 deep ring dips.

Endurance: 1-mileswim no fins.

Pre-BUD/S: 0900 endurance and 500 meter DP swim. 1600 WOD, Strength, 3-mile run.



Sunday 641

Published on March 21, 2010, by in WOD.

Rest Day

Congratulation's Frankie and Kelly may you live long lives filled with joy and happiness, may you bear outstanding and educated children, may you find the strength to support each other in sorrow and hardship, and may you face the challenges of life with all the strength and courage of a warrior. We love you and we are here for you anytime.




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Saturday 640

Published on March 20, 2010, by in WOD.

CrossFit: Log PT, teams of 4. Load up a log with 185lbs. The race will begin at the bottom of the stairs with 25-burpee push press log lifts,  Pre-BUD/S will demo. Then you will run your log 800 meters in the low or high carry and at the bottom of the stairs conduct 15-burpee push press log lifts. Then you will run 400 meters back to the bottom of the stairs and finish with 10-burpee push press log lifts.

Coaching Notes: It is very important that you put your strongest people on the ends of the log, it is extremely important that you work as a team and designate a team leader to call the movement's. The cadence is burpee, log lift and press, burpee…one. You must lift the log from one side of your body to the other and set it down on the opposite side of where it started. Work as a team to get the job done.

Pre-BUD/S: 1000 – WOD, show the others how this is done. 1100 –  3-mile single sand bag run, one sandbag per four man team. Each man must carry the load for exactly 2:00 minutes at a time. NO WALKING! 1200 – GI Jane with body armor, not Tyler, do your Fundamentals.


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1) Jon L. 18:31,2) Levi 20:46, 3) Jake 21:27

Dave A. 23:05, Ron O. 24:47, Sean O. 24:45, Kym 25:44, Marcus 26:51, Travis 27:07, Jaime 29:24,  Mike L. 33:04,  Jen 34:29, Erin 42:00.


Friday 639

Published on March 19, 2010, by in WOD.

CrossFit: Tabata Abs, :20 seconds on, :10 seconds off for 8-rounds of each of the following, sit-ups, leg levers, atomic sit-ups, toes to bar.

Warm-up:  JA's, 25 GHD back extensions, and sit-ups.

Level-2 & 3: Toes to bar.

Level-1: Knees to Elbows

Moms2B: no sit-ups or atomic situps, leg levers and knees to elbows.

CrossFit Kids:

Tree Frogs:  4-rounds of everything.

Tadpoles:   3-rounds of everything.

Strength: Heavy Bench, 6-5-4-3-2-1, add wieght each set. 2:00 min rest.

Endurance: Three rounds of 1-mile run and 2000 row.

Pre-BUD/S: 0900 – Endurance and Strength, 1730 WOD and Murph w/ body armor, not Zach. Zach 100 OH Squats at 80lbs.

Youth does not end at 40, it is just beggining. If you want to stay young you have to work hard. Your body will respond to how you treat it, eat like crap and sit on the couch and you'll get fat and lazy. Get off your butt and get into the gym and you will get fit and live a healthier life, its not rocket science.


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