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Wednesday 658

Published on April 7, 2010, by in WOD.

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CrossFit: Teams of two will Shoulder Press 5000lbs. See Coaching notes for rules. 

Warm-up: JA's,

Level-3: 135lbs x 40 reps, Women 95lbs x 52 reps.

Level-2: Men 95lbs x 52 reps, Women 65lbs x 76 reps.

Level-1: 35lbs x 142 reps.

Injured: If you shoulders are hurt go for a 3-mile run.

CrossFit Kids:

Tree Frogs:  5 x 5 @ 15lbs.

Tadpoles:  5 x 5 at 3lbs.

Endurance: 5k run.

Pre-BUD/S:  0900  Lake hills connector hill ruck march and Strength at 95lbs all reps. 1800 – Murph with Body Armor. .

Coaching Notes: Feet at hip width apart, bar in low rack position with elbows slightly forward. Press through the head not around it into full extension. If you can see the bar you are not fully extended. Your ears should be visible during full extension. Do not use the legs this is a strict press. All press's will be preformed from the squat clean.



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Tuesday 657

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Sign-up now for this Saturday's Introductory Boot Camp and get started on your road to Elite Fitness.

CrossFit: Dead-lift 10 tons. Teams of four will dead-lift 10-total tons. See Coaching notes for rules. 

Warm-up: JA's, 2:00 L- or tuck ring sit,15 of each stick, ball, bar, 50% WW dead-lifts.

Level-3: Men 225 x 89 reps, Women 135 x 137 reps.

Level-2: Men 135lbs x 137 reps, Women 95lbs x 211 reps.

Level-1:65lbs x 308 reps.

Injured: Double step stair climbs.

CrossFit Kids:

Tree Frogs:  10 x 10 Dead-lifts 35lbs.

Tadpoles:  10 x 5 dead-lifts 20lbs.

Endurance: 2000 m SS swim w/fins.

Pre-BUD/S:  0900 – swim, 1600 – strength, 10 rds rope climb and 10-burpee's.

Coaching Notes: Lets do some dead-lifting. Once again there is not time companant to today's WOD. I want each lift to be indvidual and technical. I want you to get a stiff and proper set-up.

Bar to the shins, shoulders over or slighltly in front of the bar, hands thumb space away from thighs, big chest, tight and arched lumbar curve, lungs filled, abs engaged, lift do not jerk, keep bar in contact with the body at all times, stand all the way up and pull shoulders back, delay the knee bend until bar clears pattellas, keep back chest and abs engaged during decent.

You rest when your teamates are lifting, the bar should not sit still longer than :15 seconds between lifters. Form, form and more form, if you back is bowing then the weight is to heavy, switch to a lower station.

Incomplete lift


Completed lifts




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Monday 656

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Sign-up now for this Saturday's Introductory Boot Camp and get started on your road to Elite Fitness.

CrossFit: Squat 10 tons. Teams of four will squat 10-total tons. See Coaching notes for rules. 

Warm-up: JA's, 15 deep squat :10 second holds,  50-air squats, 25-back extensions, 15-50% WW squats.

Level-3: Men 225 x 89 reps, Women 135 x 137 reps.

Level-2: Men 135lbs x 137 reps, Women 95lbs x 211 reps.

Level-1:65lbs x 308 reps.

Injured: Box pistol squats.

CrossFit Kids:

Tree Frogs:  10 x 10 Front squat, 15lbs.

Tadpoles:  10 x 5 front squat, broom sticks.

Endurance: Three rounds of 1-mile run and 2000 meter row.

Pre-BUD/S: 0900 Endurance and strength at Level-2, 1600 – 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300-sit-ups, 1700 10 x stair double sandbag runs.

Coaching Notes: I received several e-mails from folks discussing the questionable ROM during CFT. I blame myself most of all for the lax ROM that has been clearly evident lately. I have been injured for a long time and have felt sorry for myself and others. I preach that technique trumps weight but lately I have used and let the excuse "I cant get that low" fly way to much. Well this stops today and from now on.

 Today's WOD is all about form and proper ROM. Critique each other, there are four bars set up so if your ROM sucks then obviously the weight it too heavy and you need to switch stations.

The excuse I can't do get deeper falls on deaf ears, we can we just refuse to try. So lets leave our excuses at home and come in and learn how to fix the problem. Some of us choose to become deaf during WODs, well today there is no clock and there wont be until the ROM, Technique and Form return to the level that is acceptable for all of us.

Today we start over and we go back to basics, today we pay attention to what matters and it isn't the clock. Today and from here on out we pay attention to the Coaching, the Range of Motion and theTechnique we use when lifting loads. Today we learn how to prevent injury and how to get stronger in an educated and scientific way. Today we lift with quality and integrity.

If your teammate isn't going low enough then call them out, pull out the integrity ball and use it. If you get called out then don't get pissy and butt hurt. Listen to the critique and accept the judgment. If you cant get deep with the weight provided then switch to a lower station, if you cant lift any of the weights properly then grab a training bar, a med ball or a broomstick and get your butt on the floor. If you cant lift it properly then ask for help and find a weight that you can lift properly.

 If you injured then you shouldn't be lifting you should be re-habbing so go over the the box and start your box pistols and step downs. Do your one legged balance and stability drills. Get better so you can get deeper.

Use the following table for today's WOD, you rest when your teammate's are lifting an no longer. The bar should not stop moving more than :30 seconds to change lifters.

315 or greater uses 225 bar…..225 <  use 135 bar…..135 < use 95 bar….95 < use 65 bar.

Not deep enough


Deep enough






Sunday 655

Published on April 4, 2010, by in WOD.

Rest or snow day. Drive up to the mountain we only have a few weeks left.

The sub club, sub 4:00 minute Fran, sub 40:00 murph, sub 10:00 helen, sub 5 on good looks.


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Saturday 654

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The annual CFBV Easter Egg Hunt. Which team will be the first to find all there eggs.

Each team needs to find one egg at a time from each designated section. Do not open your egg until you come back to the gym and show the bunny and then do what you magical egg tells you to do. There are only six magical eggs as well as a some that have rewards. But the only eggs that count are the ones that give you direction. 

Rules:you can only grab one egg at a time. You can only grab one egg per section that has magic spell, if you find an egg with a reward it does not count. The team that finds all 6-eggs from all 6-sections will be awarded the paleo bunny and have bragging rights over the infamous Onyon. Beware, the Onyon is cunning and bears considerable watching.

Each magic spell that the egg provides must be done as a team, you and your Chicky partner must remain on your leash at all times and never become separated our get out of unison. Have fun and good luck.  

Games and Pre-BUD/S:

0900 Workout #1  – 5k run.

1000 Workout #2  – Easter Egg hunt.

1200 Workout #3  3 Rounds for time of:
10 Deadlifts (275lbs men / 185lbs women), 50 Double-unders.

1300 Workout #4  "Jackie"
1K Row, 50 Thrusters (45lb barbell men and women), 30 Pull-ups.

Full range of motion Onyon or I'll chew your bacon!!!!!!!


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