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Saturday 668

Published on April 17, 2010, by in WOD.

Gym is closed for CFHQ Gymnastic Certification. Back to regular schedule on Monday.

CrossFit: 10k Run.

Read how the Onyon Monster's big mouth got him into more than he bargained for.


My friends call me an extremely lucky person while other friends call me unlucky, I guess it depends on how you choose to look at the different fun/messes I seem to fall into.

I’m still on the fence with my current situation if I’m lucky or unlucky. I’m going to build up from how an innocent comment I made blew up into 8 people flying to Montana for a weekend.

In an earlier blog post I posted a video of the Onyon family games where you see me destroy the competition in a potato sack race. Because I jumped so high and so far I took a nasty fall at the end where I re-injured my shoulder.

So people at Crossfit Bellevue asked how I hurt myself and I innocently said I re-injured it riding a bull.

Now I didn’t think anyone would actually believe me but someone took it full line and sinker and said that I’m re-injuring myself because I do crazy activities like riding a bull.

I can’t be blamed if they believe my ridiculous statements. Then Gabe was nice enough call me out for really hurting my shoulder in a potato sack race.

So I told them the truth…..and my truth is, I jumped so high and so far that when I landed it's the same height and has the impact as someone riding and being thrown from a bull…..you can’t laugh it’s true, I have ups baby.

This led to a bunch of trash talking and joking around. Then Jake at the gym says "Ron do you actually want to know what it feels like to ride a bull, I may be able to set it up"

Everyone gets instantly excited and wants to make it happen, so of course I say “Set it up”.

Next Jakes dad, Brian, steps in laughing his a** off and says he can and will set up all the bull riding and steer wrestling we can handle, if we’re serious. I definitely have more brawn than brain and have never let a little bit of pain step in the way of some glory. So I cowboyed up and said “HELL YEAH MAKE IT HAPPEN”.

So 8 of us are planning to go to the ranch in Montana and spend the weekend riding bull and wrestling steer. What makes it even better is there will be belt buckles (see actual picture) given out to the winners of the cowboy events and if anyone can stay on a bucking bull for 8 seconds. You know that’s awesome!!!!

Sure Brian and Jake are setting this up to see the others and myself fall and bust our ass but it should be a lot of fun, get some cool stories, good pictures, great video and have fun with friends. Plus they said the ranch is in a town of roughly 300 people and the town already knows of our plans to go there to play cowboy. The town plans on being there to watch all the city boys try to cowboy up. This is going to hurt but will be a lot of fun with the chance to win a belt buckle.

See, am I lucky or unlucky? I somehow dumbed my way into riding bull and wrestling steer for a weekend in Montana in front of a town full of real cowboys.

p.s. Believe it or not out of everything scheduled for the cowboy weekend in Montana the statement Jake made while we were discussing details has me the most worried. Jake said “This trip will be fun. We will hang out play cowboy and there will be all the brandy and scotch you can drink”. It seems harmless enough but I have to drink brandy and scotch in front of a bunch of cowboys. I don’t do well drinking hard liquors. I’m afraid they’ll make fun of me if I ask to warm up with a corona with lime or a Unicorn Berry Blast™ (Zima + fresh strawberries + skittles = Unicorn Berry Blast™). Maybe I’ll just man up and drink scotch when it’s time.

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Friday 667

Published on April 16, 2010, by in WOD.

Reminder – The gym will be closed all weekend for CFHQ Gymnastics Certification. No workouts or classes will be conducted to include games athletes.

CrossFit: "Jason called me lazy" 50-40-30-20-10 of Lunges, Toes to bar, KB swings, Double Unders.

Warm-up: JA's, 5:00 JR, 20-jumping lunges, 20-heavy buddy med ball tosses (10'), 2:00 ring L-sit.

Level-3: Men 50lbs, Women 35lbs. Doubles

Level-2:Men 35lbs, Women 30lbs. Doubles or 3x singles.

Level-1: 30lbs, Knees to Elbows, 3x singles

Moms2B: No KB Swings, Knees to elbows ok.

CrossFit Kids:

Tree Frogs:  30-20-10, 10-15lbs, 50 singles per round.

Tadpoles:  20-15-10, 5lbs, 30 singles per round.

Pre-BUD/S:0900- 2000 SS swim w/fins, 5k run. 1600 – WOD, 4.5 mile ruck march.

Coaching Notes:"Jason called me lazy" is dedicated to Jason O. everyone thank him for this one. Jason I have big ears and my bite is way stronger than my bark,  have fun. Touch your knee on every lunge, stand all the way up, leave your wrestler walk at home. Touch your toes to the bar every time, DO NOT START with Knees to Elbows, attempt as many toes to bar first. Bicep to the ear on every swing. Lots of opportunity here to work on double unders, use it.

No way Jason, this is my hiding spot.


Last night I saw something truly special. I consider myself to be a good athlete with some hardcore mental ability. I am not the fastest or the strongest but I give it my best. However last night I saw why some people earn the title World Champion. It was nearly closing time and Scott, Leilani, Christina and I were cleaning up and getting ready to close when Dr. Bob showed up for his workout.

Dr. Bob usually comes late because he also runs a business and has to fit his workouts in when and where he can. I gave him a ton of crap the other day for not showing up the other night when he said he was coming and true to his word he showed. I already have the deepest respect for Dr. Bob and his lovely wife. Both are inspiring and very kind hearted people. As small business owners we do our best to help each other and share ideas and support when needed.

So anyway back to my story, Dr. Bob said he wanted to get home and spend some time with Anna before bed and asked if I could give him a hard short workout. Right away yesterdays workout came to mind and of course I was so ready to make someone suffer as bad as I did Thursday night.

So AMRAP in 20:00 of 10-burpees, 20-wall ball, and of course our lovely stair climbs. I put out really hard and I was s happy to be able to hang with Wild Bill and the Onyon Monster. They beat me but during the wall ball I was able to make up a ton of time on both and hang with them round for round.

I told Dr. Bob that Big Jon had the top score of 8 1/3 rds. Dr. Bob just gave me this look of so be it. Dr. Bob is a man of few words and always leads by example and so his task began. Within 8:00 minutes he had already finished 4-rounds and I began to watch more closely because I noticed that the good doctor wasn't slowing down.

As the time clicked away I started to really get inspired at the incredible output that was being displayed. I gave Dr. Bob a few tips on his wall ball because he was lowering the ball to his knees each rep and wasting a ton of energy. He was basically underhand tossing the ball 10-feet each rep and using very little leg power. Since I have huge legs wall ball is fairly easy for me and as much as I wanted to force Bob to use my technique I didn't want to over coach and slow his momentum.

As each set went by he kept moving, each burpee was a picture perfect push-up with no flopping or resting. His stair climbs took about :15 seconds and instead of resting he just attacked the stairs. By the end of the workout he missed getting his 9th round by about 5-steps.

I went outside and told Bob the following, I said Bob, those were the worst wall ball and burpees I have ever seen, you used twice the effort you needed to for the whole workout but you completely destroyed what was supposed to be a hard and grueling test of mental fortitude. It was then that I remembered that I was speaking to a former member of the US National Rowing team, a team that rowed and won the World Championship. I remembered I was speaking to a man who missed wearing a Olympic medal because he suffered a serious injury before the Athens's Games. I remembered that I was speaking to man who married the only woman in history to row in two events in the same Olympics and win both Gold and Silver medals.

Dr. Bob your a beast, I had a horrible day yesterday and you totally and completely changed my evening. You truly inspired me last night, its an honor to be your friend, your colleague and your coach. Keep up the good work brother.


Thurdsay 666

Published on April 15, 2010, by in WOD.

Reminder – The gym will be closed all weekend for CFHQ Gymnastics Certification. No workouts or classes will be conducted to include games athletes.

CrossFit: Strength and Endurance Day.

Warm-up:JA's, Coaches lead Burgner drills.

Strengh: 1-1-1-1-1 of Snatches.

Endurance: 3k row.

Pre-BUD/S: 0900 – 20 x 50 meter freestyle sprints with 20-push-ups per side, 1000 SS swim no fins, 1000 SS swim w/fins, 500 Drown Proof swim no bindings.

1600 – Strength and Endurance, 100 power snatches at 95lbs, 1-mile small sandbag run.

Coaching Notes:Start with low weight and build up, perfect technique is essential to perform the Snatch. Leave your power snatches and ego's at home, get your butt on the floor. If you cant then lower the weight and do it correctly. Remember the Snatch starts with an explosive dead-lift and huge shrug, get upward momentum with the bar and drop underneath it and catch with locked and engaged shoulders. Do not rush standing up, get everything locked in and tight and then explode out of the hole. Do not exhale until you are standing completely erect.

Poetry in motion


An outstanding client e-mail from Gabe.


First off, welcome aboard. It was a pleasure working with you guys on the presses, you were easy to coach! KEEP THOSE ELBOWS FORWARD, haha. Please excuse my rantings below, i tend to type too much.

I am going to give you more history than necessary here, but oh well i think it will give more weight to my stance on diet and strength. I graduated high school (01') 6'1 170 lbs, relatively athletic but by no means an athlete. After college i worked full time, and played WOW more than full time. A steady diet of cup o' noodles, pizza and redbull coupled with no sleep and a lack of exercise assured i was "skinny fat". I hit a low point when i weighed 209lbs and had little muscle definition. A friend of mine Shad, drug me to the gym.

I was weak, and i mean REALLY weak. I think i benched 95 lbs, or something along those lines. We worked out together in standard bodybuilding style for 2 years. I was no longer "weak" but i surely wasnt strong. It was a while later that i met Dan @ 24 hour fitness as we were both squatting next to eachother.

When i started doing crossfit 2.5 years ago i was 177lbs; from memory lifts were as follow:
350 x 3 Deadlift
190 x 5 Bench
225 x 5 squat ( not parallel)
10 x pullups
I couldn't clean, snatch, jerk, military press,or do many gymnastics movements.
A couple Benchmark workouts from my first week @ crossfit, Helen took me 13 minutes ( last time it took me 9:29) Fran took me 7:20 ( 4:13 last time)

A few years later i am 203#, can chain muscleups together with body armor, squat clean 270#', Military press 165 x 5, bench 250 x 3, deadlift 485, squat 365, i have chained 41 pullups in a row, a 6:30 mile is relatively easy,  Needless to say i am much closer to a goal of being "strong" and athletic. Still have a ways to go but Crossfit, Strength Work and Diet have gotten me worlds above where i would be had i stuck with a regular gym and a regular diet.

Diet wise in that time period. For the most part it has been Paleo eaten in Zone(ish) proportions. I did do GOMAD ( Gallon Of Milk A Day ) and i would highly recommend it if you are just trying to gain mass fast and don't care about getting a little chubby in the process. I eventually settled back into a stricter paleo again. But i do drink milk post workout pretty regularly. More importantly though, i am consuming about 2.5 lbs of meat a day and ALOT of fat. MY carbs come strictly from fruits and vegetables ( mostly fruits).

Now heres my 2 cents. Eat, eat eat eat. You have been graced by god with height, your not getting fat any time soon. If you take a food log i would be happy to take a look at what you are eating and make suggestions. But short of seeing actual data, i say EAT. Quality of food matters and i am a HUGE proponent of Paleo. But its more important that you get enough calories to grow and maintain muscle. 

Gabe Desgarennes,     CrosFit Bellevue Strength Coach   gabe@crossfitbellevue.com

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Wednesday 665

Published on April 14, 2010, by in WOD.

Reminder – The gym will be closed all weekend for CFHQ Gymnastics Certification. No workouts or classes will be conducted to include games athletes.

CrossFit: AMRAP in 20:00 of 10-burpees, 20-wall ball, stairs.

Warm-up: JA,s, 25-OH squats, 25-box jumps, 2-rope climbs.

Level-2 & 3: Men 20, Women 16 @ 10'.

Level-1: Men 15, Women 10.

Moms2B: 12lb WB high touches, seated stand-ups, stairs.

CrossFit Kids: Red light green light

Tree Frogs:  15:00, 4-6lbs.

Tadpoles:  12:00, soccer balls.

Strengh: 5 x 5 shoulder press

Endurance: 10k run.

Pre-BUD/S: 0900 – Endurance and Strength. 1700 –  WOD, and 10rds of 10-burpee box jumps and sandbag stairs runs.  

Coaching Notes: Lets do ittttttttt! I love wall ball, lets get those hips below the knee line, Ladies get that ball up to 10 feet, push yourselves its almost swim suit season, the higher the ball goes the smaller your butt gets.

I am the most anti political talk person out there. I do my best to stay out of conversation's were politics come up simply because I dont know as much as I should and feel very strongly about some of the baffons who have been elected. All I am going to say about this video is WTF, how did this guy get elected and who in there right mind would relect him? Think about this guy the next time you vote and lets start making better choices.

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Tuesday 664

Published on April 13, 2010, by in WOD.

Reminder – The gym will be closed all weekend for CFHQ Gymnastics Certification. No workouts or classes will be conducted to include games athletes.

CrossFit: AMRAP in 20:00 of 3-HSPU, 5-ring dips, 7-push-ups. See coaching notes.

Warm-up: JA's, 2;00 total minutes of strict mature ring holds, 2:00 total minutes of strict HS hold.

New Members: 10 rounds of 3-stink bugs, 5-reverse box dips, 7-knee push-ups.

CrossFit Kids:

Tree Frogs:  15:00, :10 second HS hold, :10 ring hold, 10-push-ups.

Tadpoles:  12:00, :05 second HS Hold, 5 push-ups.

Strengh: 5 x 5 dead-lifts.

Endurance: 5k run.

Pre-BUD/S:0900 – Endurance and Strength, 1700 – WOD and 10-rope climbs.

Coaching Notes:Well the form yesterday was outstanding so lets try the clock today and see if the last week of strict coaching made a difference. I think we all learned how much harder WODS are when we use strict technical form ad how much less stress is put on the joints when we pay attention to our ROM and movement. This WOD isn't about who gets the most  rounds its about who gets the most technical rounds. Don't let people comment on your BS form, make them comment on how great your ROM and form are and leave no doubts about your effort.

Look at who got some new toys, everyone say thank you Gabe. Good job brother!


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