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Join our 6-Week Fitness and Nutrition Challenge and let us guide you on your journey to a better you.

Interviews start on August 22 . 

Sign up for an interview: /crossfitbellevue/6-weeks-challenge-intro-meeting

Classes begin on August 29.

Class Schedule:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    • 6:00 am
    • 9:00 am
    • 5:30pm
    • 6:30 pm

Testing out of Fundamentals: If you have completed CrossFit training elsewhere, you may opt to test out of Fundamentals or submit a letter from a recognized affiliate. Please email info@crossfitbellevue.com to schedule your appointment.

Our Fundamentals program is six weeks long.

We designed in order to introduce our new clients to the fundamental’s of CrossFit exercises. The techniques including you will learn during the course are Olympic lifting, kettlebell lifting, basic gymnastics, POSE running and the theories and principals of metabolic conditioning and proper nutrition.

Each Fundamentals class builds upon the previous, with an emphasis on coaching the movements and gradually increasing the intensity. Each session includes a workout involving movements learned that day. Mastery of Fundamentals is not only a prerequisite to participating in group classes, but it will also make your CrossFit Bellevue experience more meaningful and enjoyable. Because we focus on core to extremity movements, instead of the isolation exercises often practiced at traditional gyms, our Fundamentals clients become stronger and fitter in a short amount of time.

Upon successful completion of our Fundamentals program, you may attend regular CrossFit Bellevue group classes. Here, you will compete for rounds, time, points and glory on a daily basis. Group classes are designed to be like sport – as such, the environment will be one of motivation, encouragement and tough love. Check out our comprehensive listing of CrossFit Bellevue programs.

Fundamentals in private: In the event that you are unable to partake in our scheduled Fundamentals program, or would prefer to complete the program individually, private training sessions with a coach can be scheduled. Please contact us to schedule personal training sessions.