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Youth Athlete Peak Performance Program

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Summer schedule begins June 21st. Class is for Intermediate and Advanced athletes age 12-20.

Schedule: Monday – Friday 4:30

The Youth Athlete Peak Performance Program is a designed to prepare youth athletes for the Elite level’s of their sports by teaching proper mechanics, recovery, movement, nutrition and flexibility.

“Strength is the most general adaptation. It is acquired most effectively through exercises that produce the most force and against external resistance, and as such is always best trained with five or six basic exercises. The same exercises that are correct for weak football players and lifters are correct for weak volleyball and baseball players, because the best way to get strong will always be the same. Strength is not specific, and cannot effectively be acquired through exercises that mimic sports-specific movements, because these movements lack the potential to produce as much force as general barbell exercises and therefore lack the capacity to make weak athletes strong as barbell training.” Mark Rippetoe, author of Starting Strength.

The objective of the Strength and Conditioning Program is to ensure every student athlete is provided with sound in-season and off-season training program which will improve performance and prevent injury.

Preventing injury is the key to increased training. Weight training is inherently dangerous and should never be conducted by uneducated athletes and coaches. All our coaches are Olympic Lifting Certified. We teach mechanics, function, technique and instill the value of technique before load. Proper range of motion, external rotation and fundamental breathing techniques are the key to Olympic and Power Lifting.

Athletes who train in these two domains should be correctly instructed on the fundamentals before being pushed to increase loads and resistance. To many youth athletes and coaches  are focused on numbers, these numbers in most cases are inaccurate or exaggerated. We know by virtue of our training system our athletes will get strong, they will run faster, and they will be more conditioned than ever before. However our goal is to educate the athlete, to increase performance each and every year they are with us and to prepare them for the demands of collegiate athletics.

The in-season program provides strength training to help maintain overall body strength and conditioning levels during the season. By maintaining strength in the muscles and connective tissues throughout the season, we will decrease the potential for injuries.

The off-season program focuses on intensive conditioning and overall skills including speed, agility, strength, power and nutrition.

In order to help all student athletes perform at championship level, the Strength and Conditioning program commits itself to providing the power, confidence and endurance to compete at the highest levels.