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Remote Coaching

For clients who aren’t able to train on site at CrossFit Bellevue, we offer remote coaching.

Whether your schedule, place of residence, or any other roadblock prevents you from working out at a gym, don’t let it prevent you from working out at all. With our remote coaching program, we offer full-service fitness, creating a customized program and perfecting technique to ensure your movements are as flawless as possible. CrossFit rewards efficiency and teaches you to avoid wasteful efforts, differentiating the average athlete from the elite.

What is expected of you, the athlete:

  • Follow our programming exclusively.
  • Record your lifts and any other prescribed movements /workouts on video.
  • Send a summary email to your assigned coach every week including your weights, times, and other metrics for each workout, along with any concerns and /or comments regarding your work. This summary email should also include links to your videos.
  • Maintain your records on our tracking software and website.
  • Pay of your monthly fees on time at our current rate of $100 per month.

What is provided by your coach:

  • Weekly feedback on your work and analysis of any video submissions.
  • Answers to any questions about the workouts, movements, and competition strategy.
  • Advice to improve your lifting (Olympic, Power, or any accessories), skill work (i.e. gymnastics), and any other movements where efficiency may be improved.
  • Programming supplementation as needed to work around injury, prepare for specific competition (i.e. Regionals, The CrossFit Games), or target a particular weakness.
  • Weekly shopping, recipe, and meal lists.