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Why CrossFit Bellevue?

Individualized instruction
We understand our members have different fitness levels, strengths and limitations. New clients are guided through the first 30 days at CrossFit Bellevue in our Fundamentals program to ensure a safe and proper introduction to the gym. In all our programs, qualified coaches lead the group while focusing on each client to ensure proper form and technique, providing individualized instruction and assistance. We know you may have limitations, injuries and concerns and we do our best to address them.

Exceptional staff
CrossFit Bellevue boasts one of only three Level 2-certified coaches in the Seattle area. Our staff includes an Olympic gold and silver medalist, a Tae Kwon Do national champion, a Division 1A football star, a decorated Navy Seal, a certified dietitian, a finalist in the 2012 CrossFit Games and several other world-class athletes. We ensure all our coaches receive and maintain at least Level 1 CrossFit certification. Our coaches are obligated to maintain the highest fitness standards and lead by example at all times. We understand our program can be intimidating, and our goal is to teach our clients that anything is possible and small accomplishments will turn into significant results.

Unrivaled facilities
We are the largest and best-equipped CrossFit training center in the Pacific Northwest. Our facility features more than 13,500 square feet of training space, two indoor sprint tracks, 21 regulation lifting platforms, a large children’s play area, and a full basketball court. We have ropes, rings, bars, GHDs, medicine balls and other equipment to provide a varied offering to clients. Your CrossFit Bellevue membership also allows you to train at our Magnolia center CrossFit Interbay.

Strong community
Our coaches and members alike will be cheering you on at CrossFit Bellevue. You will be motivated, encouraged and recognized for your accomplishments. We have regular viewings of major sporting events on our large projector such as: UFC matches, Super Bowls, college bowl games and March Madness. We host barbeques, movie nights and various clubs where members participate together in local marathons, triathlons, ergo manias, stair climbs and more.

Additional programs
Your membership pays for unlimited CrossFit Bellevue seminars, club events, and sport-specific activities. We offer seminars on topics including: nutrition, first aid, rowing, running, Olympic lifting, kettlebells, mobility/recovery, gymnastics, firearms safety, self defense, and open water swimming.

Business values
Our philosophy is to put ourselves in the place of our clients and work to develop close interpersonal relationships. CrossFit Bellevue is the only CrossFit gym in the Seattle area to become a certified member of the Better Business Bureau. We are a family-owned and operated training facility. Come train alongside your parents, grandparents and children, and reach a level of fitness you didn’t know was possible.