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“In the last year at CFBV I have seen tremendous changes in my body. More importantly, to have a successful gym, you have to have good staff. Coach Cody has taken so much time and energy to help me. He goes out of his way to motivate me and keep me going. He has helped me in the gym and outside the gym by taking the time to teach me more about my diet. He has seen me struggle with things like rope climbs and handstand push ups and has helped me finally achieve success. He makes Crossfit what it is really suppose to be – a family-like atmosphere.”

– Jake


“In the three months since we’ve joined CFBV, my husband and I have lost weight and, more importantly, gained muscle and improved our endurance. We love our new-found strength and CrossFit has changed our lives pretty dramatically. We couldn’t have done it without the support from you, your wife, and the team. Thanks for everything, we are looking forward to many months/years to come.”

– Cory, Jeremy, and Baby Cooper


“Crossfit Bellevue is like no other gym I have been a part of.  I ran the Boston Marathon last year, and four others prior to that.  I have been a part of many different training programs as a participant, and am a Biofeedback Therapist, specializing in Peak Performance. With this background, I could not possibly more highly recommend Crossfit Bellevue. I don’t say this just for the benefit of getting into peak fitness (although you will), but more importantly, for the amount that the staff genuinely  care about your progress in their program.  I have never been around a more supportive,  positive, team environment. No matter what your level of fitness, I highly recommend this gym.”

– Michelle D.


“I came to Crossfit Bellevue in April 2009 looking to make some changes in my life. I didn’t consider myself terribly out of shape but I was looking for something more than I was getting at a big chain gym. I went through a short fundamentals bootcamp program and was hooked. Crossfit Bellevue workouts can challenge your mental dexterity as much as your physical strength. Workouts range from the 5.5 minute destroyers to the hour-long grueling programs. I’ve seen myself grow physically and mentally stronger throughout my time here. The staff and community are amazing. Dan, the owner, has extensive experience in teaching and motivating people to push themselves harder and longer than they thought they could. The atmosphere at the gym is great with an amazing balance of cheering your friends on while at the same time doing your best to do better than them.”

– Jon R.


“I came to you last fall with some restless middle-aged bones, having recently hit that 40-year milestone, and with a singular goal of improving my overall fitness and health. You’ve clearly exceeded those goals. Not only have I found improved health, but also a tremendous community and a whole lot of good-hearted fun. Truthfully, I really had no idea my 40-year old body could go through this type of transformation in such little time. I am certain that continued focus will deliver ongoing health and joy, including keeping up with my kids, enjoying windsurfing and skiing, and feeling very much alive and well with your daily CrossFit challenges.”

– Kym


“Since being at CFBV, I have made leaps and bounds from where I was. When I started back in May, I could barely lift 45 lbs overhead. A pull up was out of the question and I couldn’t even get on my hands to try a handstand push up. A CrossFitter needs to be pushed and sometimes its not enough to push yourself – you need someone else to do it for you. You need to enjoy being around the people you work out with and knowing that, while you are competing against your gym mates for the top, no one wants to see the other fail!”



“Thank you for everything, words cannot express how much I appreciate the opportunity that you have given me.  I could not think of a better mentor to have and I have learned so much from you that I will forever be in your debt. Your selflessness never ceases to amaze me. Whatever happens throughout the training ahead I think I will be prepared for, thanks to you. I am not going to promise that I will become a Navy Seal someday, but I am going to do the best that I can and I believe you have helped me prepare myself for that.”

– Aaron McLeod


“Training is finished, it is now time to go and actually learn how to be an engineer officer. Thank you, Dan, for all the help and support in preparation for this journey. It was invaluable and helped immensely during my training.”

– 2nd Lt. (USA) Justin M.


“I believe this was one of the hardest types of workouts I’ve done. I thought i was in good shape, being in the infantry and in the army for the past three years. Now I know I’m not even close to where my new goals are. I look forward to embracing the suck of the upcoming workouts. I have seen a drastic improvement in my core strength and am in the best shape of my life, and want to keep going.”

– V/R Kyle A. Robbins


Student program

“CrossFit has helped me tremendously in accomplishing my goal of winning a high school wrestling state title. I would not have been as successful without CrossFit because it gets you in shape like no other workout program out there.  CrossFit is the perfect mix of cardio, strength training,  and muscle endurance.  The overall CFBV community is an excellent group to be a part of,  the staff is excellent,  and the fellow CrossFitters are great to be around.”

– Blake Johnson, 2012 160lb State Champion


CrossFit Games program

“The games program was totally worth it. Never had a muscle up, now I do. Never had a strict handstand push up, now I do. Never had more than one ring dip, now I can link several together. I was afraid I would gain weight or bulk up during the program. At the end, though, I weighed in 5 lbs lighter than when the program started. Thanks for an awesome opportunity! You guys are the best. Thanks to Coach Rory for all the time and energy!”

– CP